All You Need to Know About BTS Jungkook’s Parents and Their Bond as a Family!


BTS’s Jungkook’s Gifts For His Parents

You can see how much Jungkook loves his parents by looking the gifts that he has given them. Jungkook bought his parents a Mercedes a year ago. Recently he also bought a luxurious house worth 50 billion won. A fan also saw Jungkook buying his mother’s clothes. Like the wisdom says, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Latest News

In February, 2019, Jungkook become Jimin’s translator when he wanted to communicate to international fans,

Jimin: “We’ve tried to deliver this message through music in order to communicate with fans
Jungkook: “Long time no see, message, from you
Jimin: “Haha so sweet

Jungkook and BTS were busy with their international stage. Recently, on August 8,  Jungkook wrote a message supporting TXT, saying, “Good luck! From Jungkook hyung” on an episode of TXT’s reality show. That’s all about Jungkook BTS and his relationship with his family. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts below!