Did BTS Jin Undergo Plastik Surgery? Let’s Find Out The Information About It, His ABS, and Fashion Style!

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General Information About BTS

BTS debuted on June 12, 2013, with their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool. This year, BTS was nominated for TIME Magazine’s”100 Most Influential People Of 2018″ List. They have sold an estimated 5 million albums worldwide since their introduction.

In the last year, BTS was the contested about actress using 502 million tweets, more than U.S. President Donald Trump and Justin Bieber combined. Each BTS member has a strong character which makes each of these stands out. Now, let us find out all about the BTS “global handsome” member, Jin!

Full of Muscle! BTS Jin’s ABS and Shoulders


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Although all BTS members agree that Jin has got the best body among them all, Jin never actually showed his abs in people. Unlike the other BTS members, Jin only ever showed his back and shoulders. It is among those parts of the body that Jin is proud of.


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Broad shoulders are considered exceptionally attractive in Korea. In an interview, Jin proudly said that his shoulders measure 60 cm. Some enthusiasts even attempt to prove it using the measurements of the chair he sits in. 


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Rumor About BTS Jin’s Plastic Surgery

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A professional plastic surgeon said that Jin’s face was a perfect face’. His eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and everything is in the right place, with the right shape, and the right sort of face. Can he undergo plastic surgery to become this perfect? It is a quite well-known actuality that Jin is plastic surgery free.

The photograph on the left was taken during his school years, and also the one in the best is current photo-shoot for Billboards. At first glance, it does not seem as if he has had any work done. His jaw, cheekbones, and nose still look similar in both photos.

He has the plump bottom-lip along with mono eyebrow now. Hairstyles, light, and makeup which distinguishes his more recent photograph, and those variables have a little bit of an effect on Jin’s facial structure.

Let’s Get Inspired By BTS Jin’s Fashion Style!


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Jin lives his “worldwide handsome” title. On many occasions, he appears in his signature casual style off stage. It makes his fans go mad because he still looks handsome with minimalist clothing. His proportional figure makes him more gorgeous when walking softly.


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His fans call this style the “boyfriend seem”. Classic jeans and simple tops are everybody’s style, yet it looks amazing on Jin. No wonder SM Entertainment scouted him on the road ahead of his introduction.