All Information About BTS Jin’s Family That You Don’t Know (Father, Mother, and Brother)

BTS Jin family

Guide to BTS Jin’s Family

Kim Seok-jin, or BTS Jin, is a member of worldwide popular boy band BTS. As BTS Jin self-proclaimed as the most handsome worldwide, his family background still remains mysterious, which is different from the other members. A lot of rumors have surfaced online as BTS fans, A.R.M.Y, investigate about BTS Jin’s family background. Let’s find out more!

Jin’s Family

BTS Jin Family

BTS Jin is known to be a child coming from a rich and also visually attractive family. However, up until now, hardly anyone has managed to find out information about his family. Well, about anyone else in the family, except his older brother, Kim Seok-jung.

BTS Jin’s Brother, Kim Seok-jung

Kim Seok-jung runs a business with Jin. It’s a restaurant called Ossu Seiromushi and they already have two branches: one near Seokchon lake and another next to Lotte World. Ossu Seiromushi is a Japanese style restaurant featuring traditional Japanese cuisine, served in wooden steamers, seiro-mushi style. The dishes they serve include sliced beef and pork, with a variety of vegetables and side dishes including octopus, corn, and even bone marrow! BTS Jin is the director, while Kim Seok-jung is the owner and CEO of the restaurant.

BTS Jin restaurant

Other than running the family business together with Jin, Kim Seok-jung also supports him with his schedule. Kim Seok-jung has once been spotted watching a BTS concert with his girlfriend.


BTS Jin’s Father

BTS Jin and father

There is no official news about the identity of Jin’s father. Nevertheless, A.R.M.Y did several investigations to learn more about Jin’s father. Those investigations revealed certain evidence about his identity and have been posted online attracting a lot of attention.

Kim Nam-jung relationship with BTS Jin

Kim Nam-jung is the Vice President of Dongwon, best known as the makers of South Korea’s canned tunas. Kim Nam-jung is the younger son of Chairman Kim Jae-chul, who founded the business in 1969 with first overseas base in Ghana, in 1973. The company also provides outsourced meals, operates cold-storage facilities, and has a logistics operation.

A.R.M.Y thought he was Jin’s father because he was on “Forbes Korea’s 50 Richest of 2018” at the 31st position; his source of wealth is food and he has two children. He might be Jin’s dad but some A.R.M.Y members think he might be too young for Kim Seok-jung to be his son. So A.R.M.Y did some further research and found out that Kim Nam-jung has an older brother.

Kim Nam-goo relationship with BTS Jin

Kim Nam-goo is the chief executive and largest shareholder of Korea Investment Holdings, the country’s only non-bank financial holding company, also the eldest son of Dongwon founder, Kim Jae-chul, who started Dongwon Securities in 1991. He and Kim Nam-jung are nine years apart and he also has two children.

If the facts are correct, there might be a chance that Jin is the grandson of Kim Jae-chul. Also, there might be a chance that his family supports his restaurant. But in an interview with a Japanese magazine, Jin revealed that his father was a CEO of a company that supplies Samsung component. 

BTS Jin’s Mother

BTS Jin and mother

The identity of Jin’s mother hasn’t been revealed to the public. But there are a lot of rumors that his mother was a former winner of the Korean beauty pageant, Miss Korea, or at least, a contestant. From Jin’s childhood photos, we can see that Jin has inherited his visual appearance from his mother, and not his father, while his older brother takes after their father. According to a rumor that spread among the fans, Kim Sung-hee, Miss Korea 1977, might be BTS Jin’s mother. Her broad shoulders and her shocking visual appearance caught the attention of fans. Also, Kim Sung-hee’s singing voice is amazing.

Until now, the identity of BTS Jin’s parents still remains unknown. Of course, it is a matter that concerns their privacy, so let’s hope for all the best for all of them.

BTS Jin’s Latest News

BTS Jin at Gayo Daejun 2018

BTS Jin, along with the group, have been reported to have a comeback in the first half of 2019 with a brand new concept. The report claimed that BTS has done several recordings for their b-side. It also said there will be another collaboration with Ed Sheeran. BTS is currently busy with the “Love Yourself Tour,” with a concert in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 7th, 2019.