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BTS Jimin

Meet the Fallen Angel That Is Disguised as a Korean Idol BTS Park Jimin!

A part of the maknae line and one of the members who has a large fanbase, Jimin is not only known for his amazing dance and vocal abilities. He’s also famous for being caring, and having a great attitude toward other people. There have been many times that Jimin has made donations to worthy causes. The most popular one was when Jimin helped the students at a school he used to attend.

Jimin is also known for his funny and carefree personality. ARMYs have captured many moments where he did or said something funny. Sometimes it was on purpose, and sometimes it was without him noticing it. For today’s article, we will show you some of his popular memes to brighten up your daily life.

So without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today~!

Jimin Legendary Memes

The ARMY fandom is known for their golden jokes, and they often make memes or videos. Some of them even make compilations of them, especially on YouTube. Most of the sources came from Twitter, since there are so many ARMYs there who very often dominate on the platform.

Here is one of the examples of Jimin meme tweets that were made into a video compilation. Happy watching ARMYs, especially Jimin stans!

You can also find more related videos on YouTube. If you search for ‘Jimin memes compilation,’ there will be a lot of videos that will come up.

We can conclude that Jimin can be really funny even when he’s not trying at all. Many ARMYs have also said that one of his funny traits is that he’s sassy, yet still super-funny to watch. Jimin is a Libra, and the fans know that’s why he can be so savage and funny at the same time.

Here is a compilation of times when he’s being sassy, yet still funny at the same time:

So what do you think about his attitude? Maybe one of you ARMYs has the exact same traits as Jimin??

Jimin Can Be Sexy And Cute

We all know that Jimin has a great duality. He can be cute and adorable, but then he can change into a sexy and charismatic man, especially while performing on stage. And because of this, many ARMYs making memes that demonstrate this fact.


Another meme picture collection, about both Jimin’s cute and sexy sides:

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin

Rare Footage Of Jimin X Jin

Many ARMYs would agree that both Jimin and Jin are an iconic comical duo. Since both of them like to throw jokes and shade at other people. Here is a rare compilation of ‘JinMin’ memes for you all, check it out below:

Or take a look at these two memes, where Jin making a dad joke to Jimin. Look at the two different reactions from him below:

Jimin, laughs right away at Jin’s dad jokes. Well, as we know, Jimin is one of the BTS members that can laugh easily.

But there are these moments, when Jimin had enough of his hyung’s dad jokes. Just like this meme below, where he looks uncomfortable and annoyed by Jin.

BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin

Old Memes Of Jimin That Will Last Forever

Way before BTS became a worldwide star, old ARMYs had made so many legendary memes. Each member has their own, including our sexy mochi, Jimin. Most of these legendary memes were created between 2014 and 2015.

Are you ready to know what kind of legendary memes  Jimin has, especially to the newbie ARMYs? Don’t worry, Byeol Korea will help you get updated. Now, let’s check them out, below!

Jimin is famous for his long, elastic neck, which can make it look like he’s questioning your sanity. This is one of the popular memes that is was frequently used around 2015.

There is a legendary love triangle among the maknae line, where Jungkook chooses Taehyung instead of Jimin. While both Jungkook and Taehyung are singing the Frozen OST, ‘Love Is An Open Door’. Jimin demanded that they close the door instead, with his super-annoyed stare at both of the other maknae line members.

This meme of Jimin looking very confused was really famous. Some ARMYs still use this meme, even now, when they react to certain tweets.

And that was all for today’s topic, about Park Jimin’s legendary memes that are famous among the fans. We hope this article can help you, especially newer ARMYs who just joined the fandom. You can learn some of the inside jokes in the fandom through his memes.

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