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Find Out BTS Jimin Latest News!

BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin

BTS Jimin Latest News

Over the last several years, BTS (Bangtan So Nyeon Dan) has become the most popular group in the K-pop world. BTS has seven members: Jin, RapMon, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, and every facet of this group is an interesting topic for discussion, such as their appearance, daily activities, programs, style and fashion, behavior, and more. Then, this day idols get rankings to become trends in K-pop area, done by their fans. It’s about fans who voted for their idols at an event, and so BTS fans doing. Army (BTS fans name) was so active in voting every member at an event or awards show. This time we will be talking about one of members, in particular, BTS’s Jimin.

In this article, Byeol Korea will explain all about BTS’s Jimin’s Most Preferred Idol 2019, Jimin’s Real Personality From Reporters Thoughts, Jimin’s Comparison To a Gorilla, Jimin’s knee injury In Japan, his Onigiri Hat, Jimin Caught Being Sleepy While Filming, and Jimin vs. Chair.

Most Preferred Idol 2019

BTS Jimin

In 2019, Gallup, an organization with the most relevant yearly survey in Korea dedicated to analytics and consumer trends, held multiple polls to find out which artists consumers and music fans paid attention to, among the Korean general public as respondents.

BTS’s Jimin topped the 2019 ranking for the Preferred Korean Idols in 2019. He ranked #1 for females ages 13-18, #1 for females ages 19-29, #1 for males ages 13-18 and #2 for males ages 19-29, giving him the rank #1 for the overall survey. 19.1% of respondents (Koreans ages 13-29) chose Jimin.

It is also important to note that Jimin topped the Gallup survey for the year 2018, when 12.8% of respondents (Koreans ages 13-29) chose Jimin as their preferred idol. He ranked no.14 in 2016, ranked no. 7 in 2017, no. 1 in 2018 and no. 1 last year, too. Jimin has ranked as the highest among BTS members since 2016. He’s the ONLY idol who ranked first in two consecutive years, also. BTS’s Jimin is the FIRST-ever male idol to top the Most Preferred Idol by Gallup (in 2018 and 2019), and who has the most consistent impact and popularity among BTS members, as well as also being known to consistently top the Brand Reputations.

Jimin Real Personality From Reporters Thoughts

BTS Jimin

BTS’s popularity not only attracts fans attention, but also Korean reporters’. Some of those reporters shared their thought about BTS’s Jimin. Jimin is known as the lead vocal and main dancer of the group, and takes a lot of high vocal range parts due to his beautiful voice.

Reporter Kang Nae Ri reveals that although Jimin is not the main vocal, he receives a lot of high range vocal parts, which he does very well. She was surprised at their traditional dance from the 2018 MMA, as it showed a different side to BTS’s usual powerful and energetic style.

Reporter Park Hyun Min states that although he is a high range vocal position, he also dances amazingly. He believes that his background in dance, and just his natural god-given gift of dancing, has helped him become a strong dancer in the group. It is usually hard to be both good at singing and dancing, but Jimin is truly one-of-a-kind with his talent in both areas.

Also, reporter Ji Seung Hoon praises Jimin’s charisma and confidence during the ending part of “DNA,” where Jimin seems to be almost grabbing the camera with his hand.

Reporters also agreed that he is really a child at heart, and can sometimes seem like the youngest of the group even though he isn’t. In regards to Jimin’s personality, they find him to be very courteous and respectful during press conferences and official events. But when he gets on stage, he transforms into a whole different character, making reporters question if that was actually the same person that they just interviewed.

BTS Jimin Compared to a Gorilla

Just recently ARMY had to come to BTS member Jimin’s defense again, when a Twitter hashtag that compared his appearance to that of a gorilla began to circulate. This hashtag make BTS fans, Army, very angry.

The creator of the hashtag retorted back by saying he or she didn’t deserve criticism, and that the comparison was based on objective perception. Here’s the interesting part: the supporters of the hashtag began to express how proud they were of the fact that “gorilla” was able to trend on Twitter because of BTS’s Jimin.

Fans and netizens alike have been accusing the creators of the hashtag of malicious intent. It’s no surprise that this is quickly becoming an issue not only because of Jimin’s worldwide popularity, but also because of how the K-Pop scene is currently reacting in a highly sensitive way to any comments towards celebs with possible malicious intent.

BTS Jimin Injured Knee In Japan

On November 23-24, 2019, BTS celebrated their 5th Muster with ARMY in Chiba, Japan. During Day 1, fansites captured Jimin’s apparent knee injury on camera. His pants were un-ripped during “Pied Piper”, but a small hole could be seen by the time BTS performed “Boy With Luv”. Many fans, however, didn’t even realize Jimin had scraped his knee. It didn’t affect his performance at all.

Even top performers like BTS‘s Jimin suffer injuries on stage, but he wasn’t about to let a little blood stop him from putting on an amazing show!

BTS Jimin Onigiri Hat

BTS Jimin

On November 16, 2019, Jimin was spotted wearing a fluffy white winter hat and a coat by Drôle de Monsieur. The idol, who continuously stays a hot topic in the world of fashion, surprised fans with the unexpected airport style when BTS was returned from Helsinki, Finland.

A few minutes later, he uploaded a selca on BTS’s official Twitter account, and ended up trending in Korea with several keywords. He also trended #2 in Daum real time entertainment chart. Overall, Jimin recorded 38 trends in 34 countries, with over 1.4 million mentions.

One of the trending keywords is “Onigiri,” which is a Japanese rice ball. Netizens couldn’t help but compare Jimin to “Onigiri” because of the fluffy winter hat he wore. From being called “manggaetteok” (rice cake) to being called “Onigiri” (rice ball), Jimin really is the perfect definition and example of cuteness. They also compared him to fluffy cats, puppies, and more, but in the end, no matter how you look at it, Jimin really looks like an onigiri today. Somehow he looks like a European little cute boy with that hat.

BTS’s 2020 Winter Package revealed more details behind the hat — including how Suga, J-Hope, RM, and even his BFF, V, had all been so completely captivated by the softness. Suga, whom ARMYs have endearingly nicknamed a cat, seemed especially content with Jimin’s furry look. For ARMYs, the hyung-line’s uncontrollable need to pet Jimin is only as it should be.

BTS Jimin Caught Being Sleepy While Filming

In the latest “Episode 0” for Bon Voyage 4, the BTS members came together to reveal the new season of this beloved series and decide on where they’ll be traveling. While the members got pumped about the trip, Jimin fought a lonely battle against sleepiness.

Unfortunately, as the camera caught, Jimin gradually began to lose his battle. Though he did seem tired, with a slightly swollen set of eyes, Jimin tried to be involved in the shoot. Eventually, by the end, Jimin was uncontrollably sleepy, swaying from side to side and eventually, completely asleep.

ARMYs find Jimin’s slow-but-steady, gradual falling asleep to be super relatable. They empathized with Jimin with a nice comment, “Oh man, how we’ve all been there. We know he tried. Poor baby.”

BTS Jimin vs Chair

Jimin is one of the most graceful people, except when chairs are involved. “Jimin vs Chairs” is a never-ending saga. It began back in 2013 and continues to this day. In the latest episode of Run BTS!, Jimin once again lost to a chair. He leaned back a bit too far and suddenly lost his balance. He was going down, and if it wasn’t for V, he would have ended up on the floor! Jimin can leap across the stage with a swan’s grace, but cannot he sit on a chair.

Jimin’s chair saga continued in episode 89 of Run BTS! While playing a “Gayo” song-guessing game, Jimin laughed so hard that he wiped out. When Jungkook tried to help Jimin up, he fell too! It seems like BTS‘s Jimin proved, once again, that chairs are his greatest enemies.