Get Inspired By BTS’ Jimin’s Fashion Style Choices (Airport, Boyfriend Look, Casual, and Red Carpet)


Summer Style

Jimin showed off his summer style during BTS’ Bon Voyage run on V Live. The mini series follows the group as they take sometime off in various parts of the world such as Hawaii, Northern Europe and Malta. During the run in Hawaii, in particular, Jimin can be seen sporting the Hawaiian shirt often, paired with a straw hat, check out some of his looks below!

Different than his look above, in the particular one, Jimin can be seen sporting a plaid long sleeve shirt with an all black ensemble, paired with again the straw hat. As you can see, Jimin is seen sitting on top of a yacht, meaning the cold air and windy nature of the ride might be the reason behind his more covered up look. Despite it, he still seems on brand and dressed for the occasion as the casual look is fitting for yachting in the sunset.

Next we can see some more of Jimin’s fashion outside of the Hawaiian shirts and the straw hat, as the group travels to swim with sharks. Jimin can be seen rocking a printed tee with shorts and a crossbody bags.

BTS’ Jimin’s Fashion Spreads

In regards to the photoshoot that Jimin does with various press outlets and magazines, he tends to be styled cleanly and with not a lot outstanding pieces. It’s understated and minimal but the way he carries himself with his poses makes up for it, check out some of his looks below!

Different from his looks above, Jimin is styled quite luxuriously for his shoot with Billboard, an international publication. This is due to the fact that it is one of the first shoots BTS was having with an international publication, so the stylist definitely went all out to cater to the masses, with a look that is more similar to his stage outfits. The play in textures is quite familiar but the color palette chosen for his outfit is something we have never seen before with Jimin’s looks.

So what do you think of Jimin’s fashion? Do you think the way he styles his looks are top notch or a flop? What kind of outfits are you looking forward to wearing after looking at the looks above? Leave your thoughts and opinions down below!