Get Inspired By BTS’ Jimin’s Fashion Style Choices (Airport, Boyfriend Look, Casual, and Red Carpet)


All You Need to Know About Park Jimin Fashion Style Choices

BTS has always been known for their on point fashion styles, even from their debut. Rocking Hood By Air pieces in their song ‘No More Dream,’ all eyes are on BTS from their very first stage. Now in their 6th year as a group, the members have graduated from streetwear brands to luxury brand pieces such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton to name a few. With that said, most people usually look to V or RM for their fashion styles, as both of them are known to prefer out of the box pieces and interesting styling, but how about BTS’ main vocal, Jimin?

One can’t simply pinpoint Jimin’s style, as he casually mixes more lowkey pieces with luxury brand items to spice up his look. Not only that, he always seem to dress for the occasion, from comfortable wear off screen to classy, high fashion looks on screen, let’s take a look at Jimin’s most iconic looks!

Check Out BTS’ Jimin’s Best Style Choices!

BTS’ Jimin’s Airport Fashion

Starting from his airport fashion, Jimin seems to always choose his clothes based on comfort and weather conditions, in both Korea and the destination country. Check out some of these looks below!

The picture above was taken when he was due to leave for one of his concerts in America back in November of 2017. Jimin effortlessly combined a sleek, black leather jacket with a black and yellow plaid shirt. Not only that, he tied up the look with black jeans, black combat boots and a black carry on. The resulting look is one that gives warmth but still leaves a striking impression with the yellow pop of color.

Another one of his more iconic looks is the one he wore when returning from his activities in America. Jimin is positively engulfed in his dark, forest green bomber jacket, paired with a black turtleneck, a black cap and a dark grey pair of jeans. The long flight must be something he kept in mind while choosing his outfit as it seems like something he could snuggle in during the long flight. Not only that, it is quite perfect for the weather that is slowly getting colder.

Switching to his fashion in the spring, Jimin pairs a classic white button down, with fancy detailing on the sleeves, and a pair of black slacks to achieve a quite minimalistic look. As he heads to America once more for the BBMAs in LA, he chooses look more sleek and minimal as compared to his previous looks. The spring weather also lends to less layering and thick materials.

BTS’ Jimin’s Casual Style

Jimin’s more casual looks can be mostly seen during the times he is rehearsing on stage or in the practice room, as he manages to balance his fashion preferences with pieces that are comfortable enough to dance. Check out some of these looks below!

The picture above was taken at one of their concert behind the scenes, as you can see with Jimin rocking the fuzzy grey hat along with a light grey long sleeve tshirt and ripped jeans. The combination is nothing quite special, but definitely comfortable for long practice hours and covers up the unstyled hair perfectly. It serves to keep him warm in the empty cold arena but also loose enough that sweat does not stick when it comes to intense choreographies.

The picture above is not quite from behind the scenes, but from a photoshoot taken some months ago as part of BTS’ photobook. Jimin rocks a deep orange-red sweatshirt that contrasts nicely with his black hair and blue skies. It is meant to embody the concept that they are bringing through with the album but also a nice reminder that Jimin looks amazing both styled up and dressed down.

The next look is taken from his many going to work looks, as exemplified with early going to work pictures from music bank and the KBS parking lot. Here, Jimin styles a bright red fuzzy sweater with black trousers, a cross body bag and topped off with a white Stussy beanie and a pair of sunglasses. The look is laidback but put together enough that he could face the fans and press early in the morning.

BTS’ Jimin’s Boyfriend Look

Like many other idols, Jimin is also very popular for his boyfriend look stylings that makes you curl up and heart beat twice as fast. He does this by mixing and matching some of his more casual pieces but making it somewhat semi-formal in look. Let’s take a look at some of his boyfriend looks to date!

Above, Jimin rocks a white henley shirt made of a somewhat airy and light material, accessorizing minimally with a pair of dangly earrings. This seems to be a common trend in korean pop fashion nowadays, in which statement jewelries such as earrings are brought to the center against very minimal clothing. Not only that, it also serves as a nice contrast between the clean, pressed shirt and the spiky, dangly earrings.

Earrings and black suit jackets ala blazers seems to be Jimin’s trademark, as it seems, seen in the two pictures above. Jimin highlights the earrings as his statement piece while looking sharp in a black blazer paired with jeans, the first being an all black fit while the second a more laidback take with a pair of blue denims. In his first look, Jimin casually slips a black tshirt underneath the blazer but seems a lot more put together and sleek compared to the second, which he paired with a dark grey button down. This just shows Jimin’s wonderful ability to pair pieces together no matter its original value and function to create the fit he wants to showcase.

BTS’ Jimin’s Red Carpet

Moving on to his more formal looks, Jimin in the red carpet often showcases high fashion and luxury brand pieces, due to the fact that BTS has been sponsored quite a few times by designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more. Let’s check out some of his looks below!

When it comes to his red carpet fashion, Jimin seems to always styled with bold statement pieces that does not overwhelm is petite figure. Such as the look above, it does not seem like much with the all black color, but the style is elevated with the double breasted jacket and pop with the giant brooch made of crystals. the suit is tailor nicely so that it fits him right at the waist and accentuate his hourglass figure, which again is quite an interesting fit for a dominantly masculine style.

His next look is one he wore to the 2016 Asian Artist Awards in which him and BTS were to perform Blood, Sweat and Tears. The styling for the comeback can be described as very over the top and vampire-esque yet combining such aesthetics with a touch of bright colors and luxurious fabrics. The look above exemplified that with the electric blue jacket with an interesting animal fur pattern on a velvet textured fabric. Paired simply with a black V neck tunic and black trousers, it is a bold statement without it being too much. The red patterned scarf tied around his neck is just the cherry on top.

The look above is quite a stunner and interesting to look at because at this particular red carpet, BTS is fully decked out in Gucci ready to wear men’s fashion, provided by the fashion house themselves. Headed by Alessandro Michele, the fashion house started putting out pieces that are quite out there and what most would cal a eccentric preppy looks that gives a nostalgic feel. As seen above, Jimin is wearing dark blue suit with a sweater vest and white crisp shirt on the inside, but what makes it stand out is the fur detailing on the sleeves and dots adoring the suit.

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