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KPOP Idol BTS Jimin’s Diet That Will Inspire You to Weight Loss!

BTS Jimin's Diet Byeol Korea
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BTS Jimin’s Diet

There’s also the popular diet recipe from BTS’ Jimin! During an interview, Jimin said that he wanted to look stunning during BTS’s practice, so he decided to go on a diet. Unfortunately, Jimin’s diet was also known as one of the most extreme diets!

For his diet, Jimin revealed that he only ate one meal a day for 10 days, regularly. Not only that, he also drank a lot of water and spent more hours at dance practice during his diet. The diet was really strict and extreme at the same time! The other BTS members were asking him to eat something, but he refused the offers.

bts jimin

Because his body didn’t receive enough energy from one meal, Jimin became faint several times. It was also revealed by the other BTS members, as well. He also used another diet menu, such as eating two chicken breasts a day, and surviving the diet for a year. Due to his extreme diet, not only getting was he getting faint but BTS’ Jimin also experienced malnutrition.

With that being said, Jimin’s diet was really extreme, and has several bad effects on the body. But still, there’s some people who have tried Jimin’s diet and successfully lost weight, even thought it’s risky. So, if you are about to try the diet, kindly go to a doctor to consult about the diet plan and adjusting the methods with your own body’s needs!

Here are some YouTube videos that talk about the results of certain people who successfully lost weight using Jimin diet!

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