All You Need to Know About BTS Appearance, Hair Style, and Fashion Style in ‘DNA’


BTS’s Jungkook in the DNA Era

bts dna

Our dearest golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook, has already caught so much attention from the public, starting a long time ago, especially for his visual and his abs. In the DNA era, Jungkook, who usually has a coconut hairstyle, this time shows more of his forehead, with light brown hair that makes him looked more mature.

His fashion style for the L&O album photobook runs more to soft styles, while the V&E pictures and the DNA music video, show him wearing more sporty clothes, which suited his youth at that time.

Here are the pictures of him during the DNA music video:

jungkook bts dna
jungkook dna bts

Jungkook ‘s Hairstyle

jungkook dna bts
jungkook dna bts

Jungkook ‘s Outfit

Here are the items Jungkook wears during the DNA comeback, check them out down below~!
jungkook dna bts


Brand Name: Gucci
Product Name: Love Cotton T-Shirt
Price: $906.00 USD

jungkook dna bts

Long Sleeves

Brand Name: Supreme
Product Name: Freaky Hockey Jersy
Price: Unknown

jungkook dna bts


Brand Name: Yves Saint Laurent
Product Name: “Je T’aime” Teddy Jack #Royal (Blue and Yellow Cotton Cordudoy
Price: Unknown

Jungkook in DNA’s Teaser

Here are some amazing pictures of our beloved maknae, Jungkook, from the DNA music video, check it out below~!

jungkook dna bts
jungkook dna bts

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