BTS Created 7 Friendship Tattoos Together: Here Is the Location on Each Member!

BTS Created 7 Friendship Tattoos Together

Let’s Take a Peek at Each of the 7 BTS Members’ Tattoos!

Every June 13th, BTS hold their annual anniversary celebration with their fans, an event known as FESTA. In 2022, they didn’t hold FESTA, instead, they held a dinner party with the members which was uploaded on BANGTANTV’s YouTube on June 14th, 2022. Alongside their announcement to focus on their individual activities, BTS also surprised ARMY with their decision to create matching tattoos. So, where is the location of each BTS member’s tattoo, as well as the meaning?

Don’t worry, this article will tell you about the place of each BTS member’s tattoo and the meaning as well. So, let’s check it out!

BTS’s RM Suggested BTS Create Tattoos Together

At the dinner party of the members, they talked about many things about their group such as their past moments, and plans for the future, until their decision to create matching tattoos called “friendship tattoos”. In that video, the leader (Kim Namjoon) suggested that BTS members make tattoos together. He said:

“We should create a tattoo together.

Jimin responded to RM and suggested that they design them together; he said that it would be nice if the design is one line in the same place. RM and Jungkook immediately agreed with Jimin’s suggestion. According to Jungkook, the tattoo of the same line will be a sign that BTS members are connected.

RM suggested making the tattoo in the form of a dot-like mole, but some members didn’t agree with him. Suga even wanted to make the tattoo on a part of his body that is not visible. Finally, J-hope said that the best design would be the number “7” and it will be simple. Moreover, Jimin and Jungkook already have tattoos, so they want a simple design.

At first, RM still wanted a one-line tattoo or abstract design to make it look cool, but J-Hope worried that people will think that’s just like pen ink scribbles. They argued and discussed the pattern, color, and which part of their body they are going to draw the tattoo on. The final decision fell on the number “7”.

The Meaning of BTS’s “7” Tattoo

The number 7 is very reasonable and suits BTS as their friendship tattoo, considering BTS consists of 7 members. This tattoo depicts the career journey and friendship of members for more than 9 years who are interconnected. Not only that, but one of BTS’s albums is also titled 7. Beyond that, the number 7 is also known as a lucky number.

BTS Members Revealed Where Their Friendship Tattoo Is!

BTS Created 7 Friendship Tattoos Together

After a long discussion and much disagreement, finally one by one each of the members showed their friendship tattoo. Even though RM was the only member who disagreed with the “7” design, he was the first member who revealed his tattoo. As we know, RM is known as the member who has chosen not to have a lot of tattoos and piercings. RM showed that the “7” tattoo is near his ankle after releasing their album PROOF.

The 2nd member who already has the friendship tattoo is Jimin. His tattoo was caught by ARMY and its position is on his forefinger. Then, on June 29th, 2022, Jimin posted on Weverse that actually he wanted to show it to ARMY while holding the mic, but his fingers are too tiny he doesn’t seem like holding it.

Then, through J-Hope’s Instagram (@uarmyhope) he revealed his tattoo around his calf.

Same like J-Hope, Jungkook and V also shared their tattoos through their personal Instagram (@jungkook.97 and @thv). Jungkook’s tattoo is on his neck near the ear, while Taehyung (V)’s tattoo is on his arm close to his moles.

BTS’s Jin Flaunts His “7” Tattoo Shirtless

On June 26th, 2022, BTS’s Jin surprised ARMY with his post on Instagram (@jin). In that post, he showed off his friendship tattoo on the back to the left. Not only he showed his tattoo, but he also showed his stocky body shirtless!

Now, only Suga still has not revealed his tattoo. So, we hope that he will show it as soon as possible.

So, those are all the information regarding BTS members’ friendship tattoos. If your like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media.