All You Need to Know When BTS Members and ARMY Celebrated Suga’s Birthday Through the Years!


Let’s Get Closer to the Savage, yet Cute Rapper, Suga

Suga’s (슈가) real name is Min Yoon-gi (민윤), but he actually has more names. Gloss was his underground rapper name before his debut and Agust D is the name he uses for his solo mixtape. Last August 15, ARMY (BTS’s fandom name) congratulated him for his 3rd year anniversary as Agust D. Agust D performed one of his songs with Ji Min during BTS’s concert, Tony Montana. Many ARMY are still waiting for the studio version. One of Suga’s iconic/savage performances is the “Mic Drop” performance on SBS Gayo Daejun 2017He stopped rapping in the middle of his line to prove to any haters that BTS doesn’t do lip syncing. Even though he is savage, he’s cute at the same time. ARMY adores his gummy smile and call him “lil meow meow”.


Now let’s move on to his birthday celebration journey!



Suga turned 26 this year, on March 9, and was born at Daegu. BTS is known for their really close friendship, so, of course, they won’t forget another member’s birthday. Every year they always give surprises to each member on their birthdays, including Suga. ARMY are also there to celebrate Suga’s birthday every year.  Let’s check out Suga’s birthday celebrations from 2013 to 2019!

BTS has made a log since January, 2013, to record their days. Suga has made many logs and one of them was recorded on his birthday. On the video, he said he used to love celebrating his birthday when he was a kid, but since he’s getting older he’s not happy about it. Suga lied; we can see how bright his smile was when J-hope, RM, and Ji Min surprised him with a cake. Check out pre-debut Suga’s Log below!

On Twitter, Bang PD offered congratulations on Suga’s brthday. Suga didn’t forget to reply him and said thank you to his boss.

In 2014, Big Hit (BTS’s agency) prepared a mini fanmeeting before the group performed on Inkigayo to celebrate Suga’s birthday. Suga prepared a little gift for fans who attended this fanmeeting. He gave them honey water and chocolate snacks, with a heart-warming short message. He wrote 300 different messages, as he felt apologetic that he always received something from fans. J-hope, Ji Min, and Jung Kook helped him pack the gifts. Suga looked so excited when D-day finally came. He was surprised that more than 300 fans came, so he wrote more short messages to expresses his gratitude towards fans who came even though that day was really cold.

Suga thanking everyone for congratulating his birthday with syub syub and crying face.

Suga tweeted so excitedly, he reminded ARMY to come to his fan meeting at 10 am!

He posted a photo of himself with his gifts. Suga thanked ARMY for celebrating his birthday and cutely asked them to not throw his post its, even thought the messages were short.

BTS’s official account (@bts_bighit) asked fans to use the hashtag #슈가포잇 for Suga’s post it note post!

He once again thanked his fans for wishing him a happy birthday and he said this was the happiest birthday that he has had in his 22 years of life.

BTS’s official account posted a few picture to celebrate his birthday. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MinSWAGday#슈가생일ㅊㅋ

Suga holding Jungkook’s drawing of him.

Hip Hop in the Joseon Dynasty!

Last one, Mr. genius Suga!

You can check out more photos here!

Let’s take a look at how he celebrated his 21st birthday with ARMY and BTS!

Suga turned 22 in 2015. People always think that he’s cold-hearted, but he actually has a really warm heart. Once again, he wanted to express his heart towards ARMY by preparing small presents. Suga is so thoughtful. First he gave handwritten letters, then Polaroids of himself and transportation cards that ARMY could use to meet them. He wrote 39 letters himself and got help from the part-time worker, Ji Min, and his friend, V.  Ji Min helped him to charge the transportation cards, cut the stickers, and take Polaroid photos. When Suga went to work, V helped Ji Min to stick the stickers on the envelopes. It’s not BTS if there’s not a little bit of a twist, so V and Ji Min signed a card and called it a special card. Check it out here!

BTS gave Suga a birthday surprise when he arrived, there was already a cake at the hotel. He thanked them and also said 사랑합니다 진짜 진짜 (I really really love you). He posted a crying photo of him while holding a doll, similar to last year, but it’s Suga, its’s cute.

Suga’s way to celebrate his birthday, take a bath with a good bath bomb.

Suga made 39 letters as resembles of March 9, his birthday. On March 11, he tweeted the behind the scenes photo of the working process, with a part-time worker beside him, Ji Min.

Along with that post, Ji Min posted his, too. He wrote “Working for the wicked boss, my pitiful fate”.

On the same day as the two posts before, Suga felt sorry because he couldn’t give presents to more than 39 people. He said, “Even so you guys know my heart right?? I’m always sorry and thank you. I love you~~!!

@bts_bighit also posted tweets to celebrate Suga’s birthday. The undisclosed picture released! Check out more here!

2016 was the third year Suga spend his birthday with BTS and ARMY. He did a live stream in V Live on his birthday. The concept was mini radio and Suga was the DJ. He named it “BTS <꿀FM 03.09> Mini Radio with SUGA“. He celebrated the 1000-day BTS anniversary (March 8) and his birthday in the video. Suddenly, J-hope joined Suga’s Vlive and made it more cheerful. They counted down together to Suga’s Birthday. He expressed his gratitude to ARMY because they make his birthday not like an ordinary day. ARMY from all around the world congratulated his birthday and that’s what made it a special day.

Jimin and V entered the room while singing happy birthday along with J-hope. They didn’t forget to bring the birthday cake. After that, each of them gave Suga a present. Suga tried to reach the other members. He called Jung Kook first and yes, as we all know he didn’t pick up the phone because he was busy playing games. Suga tried his second chance, he called RM and he answered it, Suga asked where he was and he said he was working on the 3rd floor and too tired to go down, so he was just wishing Suga a happy birthday from the phone. They ended the live stream after Suga received a call from Jin.  Check out how hilarious the V Live was, here!

Suga once again gave ARMY presents for his birthday but the difference was that this gift could be enjoyed by all ARMY around the world. With a little twist…

ARMY demanded that Suga release the full version of the song and he replied with, “This is not the finished song… It’s a song I cherish a lot so I’ll release it later on. I wanted to release it since it’s my birthday but there’s no complete song as of now… I’m continuing with working on my mixtape. I’ll work hard in making it. (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

Lastly, he thanked ARMY and the members for celebrating his birthday this year. He added a cute emoji in the end of the tweet.

BTS’s official fanpage updated a photo for Suga’s birthday.


Check out more sweetness, here!

2017 was the year that BTS really started to become worldwide stars. It looked like they were becoming busier and busier. There was no birthday surprise video uploaded either on V Live or YouTube. but the members didn’t forget his birthday. Let’s check out BTS’s official fanpage tweets, Suga’s photo with a lot of scribbles, like happy birthday. holly, piano, lamb skewers, and much more. The translation of the tweets “#HappyBirthdaySuga 1 year, 365 days a year, the sweetest day..Happy Birthday (Min) Suga (jjang jjang man bbong bbong) kae..kaep jjang! (Super cool!)“. Other than this, as usual, Big Hit always uploads an album when it’s the member’s birthday. Check out Genius MINSUGA Day here!

Suga didn’t forget to thank everyone for their love to him!

Suga turns 25 this year! The sweetest day finally came again in 2018! J-hope and RM surprised him but it seems that they didn’t get reaction that they wanted.. no wonder, this is Suga. But don’t worry, even though we can’t see his expression, deep down in his heart he felt happy.

@bts_bighit posted tweets to celebrate the sweetest day! Don’t forget to check out the photo album here!

This year (2019), Suga got so many more congratulatory messages as ARMY keeps growing bigger and bigger. The birthday boy didn’t forget to thank ARMY and uploaded a selfie of his glowing face. He also promised to work harder this year and, lastly, he said 사랑해용~~ (I love you but in a cute way)

Suga tweeted “Thank you everyone!!! Hahahahahahaahahahh“. The banner translation is Min Yoon-gi Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Hyung! We wish your future as glowing as your skin!

Before Ji Min posted the tweets they surprised Suga. His reaction is always beyond ordinary… Watch it here!

Suga with suit and a couple cute photo here! Suga’s sweet album also here!

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