Dating Rumor and Facts About Relationship Between BtoB’s Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy


Joy Sent a Video Message to Sungjae


Joy and Sungjae seem to remain close, even after their part in the We Got Married program ended.

Sungjae starred on Oppa Thinking on August 7th. In the episode, Red Velvet’s Joy “appeared” on the show, as she sent in a video message. She revealed the advice Sungjae gave her during We Got Married. Joy said, “It was my first time participating in a variety show, so I didn’t know a lot about what I needed to do, but Sungjae told me, ‘You’re someone with your own good vibes. You don’t have to try too hard to impress everyone.'”

She continued, “I thought he was really cute to act like a much older oppa, when he was actually only one year older than me.” Joy also sent her personal message for Sungjae, “Our virtual marriage may have ended a while ago, but I’ll always be cheering for you in my heart. Let’s stay close. Fighting!”

Sungjae then responded to the message, saying, “This is really embarrassing. At that time, I had debuted around 3-4 years prior so I think I wanted to share what I already knew as a sunbae (senior). Joy was extremely busy back then and she was suffering emotionally, so I told her not to look tired. I told her things like that but now I don’t know why I said that!”

Sungjae and Joy’s Reunion After Their Virtual Marriage Ended

Sungjae and Joy successfully made their fans carried away while being a virtual couple on the show We Got Married. They finally reunited in the latest episode of Sugar Man season 2 on Sunday, April 15th, 2018. Sungjae performed together with members of the BTOB vocal unit: Changsub, Eunkwang, and Hyunsik. When introduced, Park Na-rae addressed Sungjae with “Joy’s ex-husband.”

“Actually, we haven’t met again since the WGM ended,” Sungjae said. “That’s because we are both very busy and it’s very difficult to keep in touch with each other.” Sungjae and Joy were then asked to explain each of them as they were familiar. The star of the drama Goblin was successful in making fans excited by calling Joy’s real name, Park Soo-young.

“Sooyoung…” Sungjae said before being cut by Park Na-rae. “Sooyoung? Wow!” said Park Na-rae. “She is very innocent and in harmony with her emotions. People are honest and have innocent sides like a child,” Sungjae said. “Sungjae oppa is an adult and guides me well,” Joy said.

Yoo Jae-seok teased them by saying, “That’s not what she said (Joy) when in the waiting room. She called him (Sungjae) weird,” he said. “That’s because Sungjae’s nickname is ‘Yook Jal Dddo’ which means ‘Yook Sung-jae, handsome but weird,'” Park Na-rae said.

Fans flooded footage of Joy and Sungjae’s reunion moments at Sugar Man Season 2 with excited comments. Many were carried away because Sungjae still called Joy with her real name.

Are Sungjae and Joy Actually Dating?


Joy and Sungjae were one of the best couples to have ever appeared on We Got Married. But have you forgotten them already?! Due to their age, longtime viewers of WGM were unsure, at first, of Sungjae and Joy as a couple. But they quickly became one of the most popular couples due to their innocent style, adorable antics, and obvious chemistry.


They were constantly taking adorable photos and smiling brightly whenever they were together. Fans started worrying that Sungjae was really falling in love with Joy during the show, based on how he acted around her!


They noticed how he focused on the smallest details and was always there for Joy to help her no matter what. Sungjae would constantly be protective of Joy and take care of her, even helping her to cover her skirt at times!

The two became everyone’s ideal couple, with their personalities and styles totally matching. After appearing on the show together, Joy and Sungjae even started looking super similar to each other!


It’s common for couples to start “becoming one” after dating for a long time… but it almost felt like Joy and Sungjae did it instantly! The two had even more adorable moments together, like when Sungjae kept trying to hold Joy’s hand…

But she kept teasing him, pretending to be upset and avoiding him!

Or the heart-melting time when Joy said, “I’m so cute!” and Sungjae just casually responded, “Yes, yes, I know.” Or the time they shared that romantic moment cuddling in bed together… and the alleged hidden kiss.


As the couple’s time on We Got Married was coming to an end, they shared one last stage together.

The two sang for one another, with Joy bursting into tears while remembering their time together. But when it came time for them to say goodbye, it was nothing but tears and sadness for everyone involved.

Joy revealed how strong she felt with Sungjae by her side and how much she cherished their moments together. Sungjae talked about how precious their moments were together and how upset he was as well.


“I felt strong with oppa by my side, he was [enough] as a present to me,” said Joy. And Sungjae said, “It’s disappointing because we just started [the show]. I was only just starting to express my feelings better, but all the moments I spent with Joy will remain precious [to me].”

In real life, they don’t date at all. Indeed, they were buffeted by rumors of dating after We Got Married ended, but both decided to be friends with each other and support their respective careers. Even though there are many fans who support their relationship, the agency has never confirmed that they have been involved in a relationship.

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