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BLITZERS Sya Full Profile, Fun Facts Until Official Debut


Get To Know More About BLITZERS Rapper Lee Joo-young a.k.a Sya!

BLITZERS (Hangul: 블리처스) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under WUZO Entertainment with 7 original members with Go_U, Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju. BLITZERS was previously known as a boy group named WUZO Circle since they are under an agency with the same name.

In this article, you are invited to get to know more about one of BLITZERS’ members who is also the rapper of the group. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry! Make sure you do not skip any details in the article below about BLITZERS’ Sya’s full profile, fun facts, and debut era!

BLITZERS Sya Profile


Real Name: Lee Junyoung (Hangul: 이준영)

Stage Name: Sya (Hangul: 샤)

Birth: September 9th, 2002

Star Sign: Virgo

Position in the Group: Rapper, Vocalist

Education: Cheongdeok High School (Graduated)

Family Members: Parents

Nationality: Korean

BLITZERS Sya Fun Facts

  1. BLITZERS’ Sya was officially revealed on August 24th, 2020, as a member of BLITZERS.
  2. BLITZERS’ Sya is an only child who grew up close with his family.
  3. BLITZERS’ Sya said when he was younger, he would get hurt often, probably because he was rough.
  4. BLITZERS’ Sya was riding a bicycle and fell off when he was 6 years old, causing him to break his left elbow. He had to get surgery to put a metal core in his elbow. Because of the trauma, he couldn’t ride his bike after. He’s tried several times since but is still unable to.
  5. BLITZERS’ Sya got hurt while playing soccer in 6th grade. He wasn’t able to play for a while because of a broken collarbone, but he was later able to play again.
  6. BLITZERS’ Sya said he didn’t make good grades. However, when he focused on studying, he got good grades in Korean and English.
  7. BLITZERS’ Sya was more interested in dancing than studying.
  8. BLITZERS’ Sya started dancing in high school. He joined the high school dance club with his friends, and he fell in love with dancing.
  9. BLITZERS’ Sya went to an iKon concert, and he said his heart was about to burst when he watched them on stage. He said the thought “I want to be on stage, too” came to mind. He said for the first time, he had a dream he wanted.
  10. BLITZERS’ Sya dreams to be able to sweat and breathe together in the same place as the fans who came to watch his concerts.
  11. BLITZERS’ Sya recommends the movie Last Christmas.
  12. BLITZERS’ Sya recommends the song “Air” by WINNER, “Parks, Squares, and Alleys” by Bicycle, and “Perfect” by iKON.
  13. BLITZERS’ Sya prefers coffee, especially Iced Caramel Macchiato, to juice.
  14. BLITZERS’ Sya loves meat. He likes beef, pork, chicken, and, in his words, “Anything.”
  15. BLITZERS’ Sya hates vegetables but loves chicken.
  16. BLITZERS’ Sya loved Pokémon when he was younger.
  17. BLITZERS’ Sya visited Japan a few times for foreign travel. When he was there, he got excited because he was able to visit the Pokémon Center. He says it’s an unforgettable memory.
  18. BLITZERS’ Sya can’t watch horror movies. He hates being surprised.
  19. BLITZERS’ Sya’s nickname on Discord is “syasyaysya.”
  20. BLITZERS’ Sya listens to “Wind” by iKON frequently.
  21. BLITZERS’ Sya can handle spicy food very well.
  22. BLITZERS’ Sya likes to watch movies and write lyrics. He wrote a song called “I Fell Into a Lake Called You.”
  23. BLITZERS’ Sya said, “Like jelly, the macaron-like aegyo flesh that occurs when you smile with cheeks, this is my charm point!”
  24. BLITZERS’ Sya’s hobby is shopping.
  25. BLITZERS’ Sya’s MBTI type is INFP.

BLITZERS Sya Debut Era

BLITZERS, which finally made its official debut after about two years, took on the leader Jinhwa who appeared on Mnet’s Produce X 101. In addition, there are also other members in the group such as Sya in the rap position, Chris from Las Vegas, USA, Juhan in the vocal line, Lutan in the dance position, GO_U in vocals and dance, and Woojoo, the youngest member on the team.

Their 1st EP titled CHECK-IN announcing their start is an album that signals that their journey to meet their fans has just begun. A message of support for those who have become exhausted from the COVID-19 pandemic is expressed with the unique positive energy of BLITZERS.

Besides that, BLITZERS also had a debut-schedule plan that was filled with many teasers including group teaser images, a music video teaser, and the members’ individual teaser images.

One of the members, BLITZERS’ Sy, looked great with his blonde hair, and his visual looked very stunning while he sat on the floor and stared at the camera with his sharp eyes. The concept of his outfit also matched the vibes in his debut photoshoot, too.

Their debut title song is “Breathe Again” which reinterprets the hip hop style of the ‘90s and 00s with a break-based drum beat and strong guitar.

On May 16, 2021, BLITZERS held their debut performance that was aired on SBS’ Inkigayo. As you can see from the focus fancam above, BLITZERS’ Sya was seen on the stage with the other members while bringing “Breathe Again” to the stage. As the rapper of the group, BLITZERS’ Sya gave his best performance on the stage and did the choreography with strong moves as well.

What do you think about BLITZERS’ Sya’s debut era?

Well, that is all of the information about BLITZERS’ Sya and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Byeol Korea!