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Blackpink Profile



Group Name BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
Debut August 8, 2016
Debut Song Boombayah
Debut Mini-album Square One
Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa
Fandom Name BLINK
Label YG Entertainment (Korea), Interscope Records (US)

BLACKPINK: A K-pop Group Without Leader

BLACKPINK is one of the rare K-pop groups that doesn’t have a leader. Yang Hyun-suk as YG Entertainment’s founder mentioned that he wanted BLACKPINK’s members to be like friends and work things out together.


  • BLACKPINK’s greeting is: “Hi, this is BLACKPINK.”
  • Besides Whistle and Stay, BLACKPINK’s music video was directed by Seo Hyun-seung.
  • As trainees, BLACKPINK members were separated from male trainees in YG Entertainment.
  • BLACKPINK members were prohibited to date and undergoing plastic surgery even after their debut.
  • BLACKPINK’s music video, As If It’s Your Last, was played in a movie, Justice League. Ezra Miller who played The Flash in the movie also mentioned that he likes BLACKPINK.
  • No one in BLACKPINK has a younger brother or sister. Jisoo and Rosé are the youngest daughters, while Jennie and Lisa are the only daughters.
  • BLACKPINK members’ official Instagram accounts surpassed 3 million followers in just 4 days after opening.
  • Among BLACKPINK members, only Jisoo is considered a native Korean. Rosé was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, while Lisa was born and raised in Thailand. Jennie studied in Australia and New Zealand for about five years since she was 8 years old.

BLACKPINK Social Media Accounts

Instagram BLACKPINK Instagram
  • BLACKPINK Official Twitter
  • BLINK Official Twitter
TikTok BLACKPINK Official TikTok
Facebook BLACKPINK Official Facebook Page
VLive BLACKPINK Official VLive
YouTube BLACKPINK Official YouTube Channel
  • YG Entertainment (Korea)
  • Interscope Records (US)

BLACKPINK Jisoo Profile

Full Name Kim Jisoo (김지수)
Birthday January 3, 1995
Birth Place Gyeonggi, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 44 kg
Height 162 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 235 mm
Hobby Watching dramas and movies, reading books and comics, playing games, etc.
Nicknames Chichu, Jichu, Human Dior, Water Bottle, Chef Chu
Position Lead-vocalist

Jisoo is the oldest member of BLACKPINK. Before her debut, Jisoo starred in EPIK HIGH and IKON’s Bobby’s music videos made a cameo in a drama called The Producer, and became a model for Samsonite along with Lee Min-ho.

BLACKPINK Jennie Profile

Full Name Kim Je-ni / Kim Jennie (김제니)
Birthday January 16, 1996
Birth Place Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 45 kg
Height 163 cm
Blood Type B
Shoe Size 235 mm
Hobby Photography, playing with slimes or legos, watching movies, etc.
Nicknames Jendeukie, Jen, Nini, Human Chanel, Dumplings, etc.
Position Main rapper, lead vocalist

Jennie was born in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 8 years old, Jennie and her family moved to New Zealand and Australia. She returned to South Korea and became a trainee in YG Entertainment. Before her debut, she appeared in G-Dragon’s MV, That XX.

BLACKPINK Rosé Profile

Full Name Roseanne Park / Park Chaeyoung (박채영)
Birthday February 11, 1997
Birth Place New Zealand
Nationality Korean-New Zealand
Weight 44 kg
Height 168 cm
Blood Type B
Shoe Size 240 mm
Hobby Flower arranging, playing guitar and piano, riding a bike, etc.
Nicknames Rosie, Rochaeng, Human Saint Lauren, etc.
Position Main vocal, lead dancer

Rosé was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. She has a Korean name, Park Chaeyoung. She is able to play guitar and piano, and currently, she is learning to play drums, too. Rosé is known for her soothing voice as the main vocalist of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK Lisa Profile

Full Name Lalisa Manobal
Birthday March 23, 1997
Birth Place Buriram, Thailand
Nationality Thai
Weight 45 kg
Height 166.5 cm
Blood Type O
Shoe Size 235 mm
Hobby Photography
Nicknames Lilly, Human Celine, Human Vitamin, Barbie, etc.
Position Main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist

Lisa is the main dancer of BLACKPINK. She is one of the Thai K-pop idols along with GOT7’s Bambam, (G)I-dle’s Minnie, etc. Not only that she likes to dance, but she also loves to take pictures with various cameras.

BLACKPINK Members Age Order (Oldest to Youngest)


Check out the age order of BLACKPINK members from oldest to youngest!

Name Birthday
1. Jisoo January 3, 1995
2. Jennie January 16, 1996
3. Rosé February 11, 1997
4. Lisa March 27, 1997

BLACKPINK Members Visual and Popularity Rank

Are you curious about the most popular member in BLACKPINK and BLACKPINK’s members’ visual ranking? Find out here!

Visual Rank (Based on Korean Beauty Standard) Popularity Rank in Korea
1. Jisoo 1. Jennie
2. Rosé 2. Rosé
3. Jennie 3. Jisoo
4. Lisa 4. Lisa

BLACKPINK Members Positions and Roles

Check out the complete roles and positions of BLACKPINK members, here!

BLACKPINK Members Roles and Positions
1. Jisoo Lead vocalist
2. Jennie Main rapper, lead vocalist
3. Rosé Main vocalist, lead dancer
4. Lisa Main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist

BLACKPINK Member Height Order (Tallest to Shortest)

What is the height order of BLACKPINK members? Check out the list below!

BLACKPINK Members Height
1. Rosé 168 cm
2. Lisa 166 cm
3. Jennie 163 cm
4. Jisoo 162 cm

BLACKPINK Member Net Worth

Check out BLACKPINK members’ net worth, here!

BLACKPINK Members Net Worth
Jisoo $ 10 million
Jennie $ 12 million
Rosé $ 10 million
Lisa $ 14 million

BLACKPINK Members Nationality

Despite having only four members, BLACKPINK is considered a multi-national group due to the various nationalities of its members. Check out BLACKPINK members’ nationality, here!

BLACKPINK Members Nationality
Jisoo Korean
Jennie Korean
Rosé Korean-New Zealand
Lisa Thai