Find Out More About BLACKPINK Lisa Parents, Who Are Really Kind To BLINKS

BLACKPINK Lisa Parents

Meet Lisa Parents Who Are as Angelic as She is

If you don’t know Lisa from Blackpink–uh oh, wait, is it possible nowadays for someone to not know Lisa from Blackpink? The main dancer who has the absolute best skill of dancing of everyone in Blackpink has gained a lot of fans along with the group’s popularity not only around Korea, but also around the world. Lisa has over 30 million followers on her Instagram, and has over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Now back at it again, who doesn’t know Lisa as the icon of main dancers?

It shows how popular Lisa is, not only among Korean fans, but also among international fans!

Lisa is one of the members in Blackpink who speaks English very well, even though she’s Thai. She lived abroad since she was very young, so it definitely makes sense that she could speak more than one language when she came to Korea to become a trainee. Little did we know, Lisa’s father is from Switzerland. Does that mean Lisa is half-Thai? Well, just find out later!

Let’s check out Lisa’s family, who has supported her since pre-debut, and done it all the way from Thailand. They’re also kind to the other Blackpink members, and even Blinks!

Mrs. Manoban (Lisa Mother)


For your information, Lisa’s mother’s actual name is not Mrs. Manoban. But since she wants to keep her identity private, let’s just call her that!

Just like her daughter, Lisa, Mrs. Manoban is also a true beauty.

Mrs. Manoban has Thai nationality and represents the beauty of the Thai people, just like her daughter. If you look carefully, you can see that Lisa’s pure and angelic smile was passed on by the one and only Mrs. Manoban.

Mrs. Manoban had Lisa when she was young, so it’s no shock that even though the pretty little daughter has grown into a beautiful lady, Mrs. Manoban still has a young face. It looks like she is Lisa’s older sister instead of her mom.

Mrs. Manoban is also friends with GOT7’s Bam Bam’s mother. They can often be seen at certain events and gathered with their whole families. Lisa and Bam Bam has been hanging around together since they were kids because Mrs. Manoban and Bam Bam’s mom have been friends for a long time.

Mrs. Manoban and her husband, Lisa’s father, can also be seen in one of the episodes of Blackpink’s reality show, Blackpink House. Even though there’s a language barrier, Mrs. Manoban was so caring with Lisa and her friends, thee other Blackpink members, and they still could communicate well. It showed that not only does Lisa’s mother have a pretty face, but also a kind heart that she opened towards the Blackpink members.

Once again, let’s praise the natural beauty of Lisa’s mother, Mrs. Manoban!

Marco Brüschweiler (Lisa Father)


The first thing you need to know about Lisa’s father is that he is a very well-known chef from Switzerland, who now works in Thailand.

Marco Brueschweiler married Lisa’s mother after she had Lisa and separated from Lisa’s biological father. Even so, Lisa really loves her father, Mr. Brueschweiler, because he became Lisa’s stepfather and has raised her since she was really young.

When Mrs. Manoban and Mr. Brueschweiler made a surprise appearance and showed up on Blackpink House, Mr. Brueschweiler cooked food for the girls. He even wore a chef uniform, and it looked really cool on him!

Lisa’s father, who is kind just like his wife and his daughter, gave the food to  the other Blackpink members and treated them as if they were Lisa’s sisters.

He also became the translators for Lisa’s mother, who speaks Thai, when she talked with the other Blackpink members.

Beside his appearance on Blackpink House, he also once made Lisa’s fancam photo go viral when Lisa and her family were enjoying a vacation in Thailand.

They was spotted at the Bangkok airport, and there was a moment between Lisa and her father that really showed their sweet father-daughter relationship. No one could handle the heartwarming look from Lisa when he hugged her father.

It must have been so nice to finally see her father again after a long time working overseas!

Supportive Family From Thailand

Even though distance separates Lisa from her family and her friends back in Thailand, they still show their support for her hard work in South Korea. Lisa’s family and friends have often gathered to celebrate Blackpink’s events to show support for Lisa, who is pursuing her dream to become a K-pop idol.

When Blackpink had activities in Thailand, Lisa’s family and friends welcomed them and genuinely attended Blackpink’s event for her.

If we talk about Lisa’s family, it’s never separate from Bam Bam’s family, since the families are so close!

Let’s take a look at some photos of the family and friends who always support Lisa. We can see Bam Bam’s family as well, and Bam Bam’s even included because he is part of Lisa’s circle of friends.

BLACKPINK Lisa Family and Bambam

Lisa Parents Appearance On BLACKPINK HOUSE

When Lisa and the other Blackpink members visited Thailand, suddenly they got secret guests at their hotel room. It was none other than Lisa’s parents, who showed up to surprise Lisa. Both of them prepared and served food for Lisa and the other Blackpink members.

Lisa had been away from her family, so hugged her mother and father right away, obviously trying not to cry while she did it. But you can’t fool a mother’s pure heart. When Mrs. Manoban finally saw her baby, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming out. Just as Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, who couldn’t help crying because seeing Lisa greet her family was just too heartwarming to watch.

Mr. Brueschweiler, who has dressed up as a chef, just like his well-known title, Master Chef Marco, served the food and wine to the girls. Even though he didn’t cry, but we can tell by his look to Lisa that he was so happy to see his daughter. Lisa, of course, couldn’t hide her happiness at seeing her dad again.

Not only that, Lisa’s mother prepared surprise gifts for the Blackpink members, Lisa included. She gave them each a handmade scrapbook that once again touched the hearts of the Blackpink members. They were beautifully, and it was obvious that Lisa’s mother poured her heart into it.


It was so great to see that Lisa could spend some time with her family again. We hope that Lisa, who now has more schedules overseas, can take a break for a while and visit the family and friends who have been supportive towards her since day one. Fighting, Lisa!