Compilation Of BLACKPINK Lisa Stunning Dance Performances From Pre-Debut To Now


Details About The Compilation

Hello hello again, fellow K-Poppers! Byeol Korea is back! How are you guys today? We really hope you are doing great and are ready to get some new pieces of information about the Korean entertainment world. Want to know about your beloved K-Pop idols? Or dig up some interesting info about some Korean actors? Or even the producers? You can get that and more if you stay tuned here.

And today, we are going to take a look at a dance compilation from a member of one of the worldwide popular South Korean idol girl groups, BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Lisa is a rapper and dancer in BLACKPINK, and her dancing skills are on a whole new level.

Now, without any further ado, let us dive into the compilation!



Pre-debut Lisa is so cute, yet her skills in dancing were so great even though she had not yet debuted at that time.



In BOOMBAYAH, Lisa once again showed off her skills in dancing. Her movement is so smooth yet so powerful.


BBHM by Rihanna

As always, Lisa’s dance moves are so sexy and powerful in every single second she moves her body, plus the black outfit makes her look even sexier.


2016 Gayo Daejeon Opening Dance

Lisa showed her powerful dance moves at this event. Just look at those moves.


Yoncé by Beyoncé

Once again, Lisa’s powerful movement and the black outfit make for perfection.



Even though this was her debut song, Lisa knew that she didn’t come to play. Lisa had already earned her title as one of the best dancers among the K-Pop idols.


Playing With Fire

And once again, the example of perfection is Lisa’s dance movement and black outfit.


As If It’s Your Last

As time went by, Lisa has gotten even hotter in every movement that she makes as part of her dance routines. Just look at the moves she makes with her feet in this dance performance.


Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Lisa really looks like she is not going to give her title as one of the most powerful dancers among the K-Pop idols.


Kill This Love

And once again, guys. Lisa, and a black outfit. Perfection!


Don’t Know What To Do

Lisa really looks so cute yet keeps her powerful dance moves.




DaniLeigh – Cravin (Feat. G-Eazy) Cover


Take Me & Swalla


Good Thing & Señorita


Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E Cover

That was all about the compilation of Lisa’s outstanding dance performances. How was it, guys? You do agree that Lisa is one of the best dancers in the world, right? Thank you so much for staying with Byeol Korea and we hope you guys enjoyed the compilation. We will see you guys in the next article. Stay safe and bye-bye!