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Get Inspired By BLACKPINK’s Jennie Fashion Style (Airport Fashion, Casual, and Red Carpet)

Blackpink Jennie Byeol Korea
blackpink jennie

A Guide To Be As Fashionable As BLACKPINK’s Jennie!

As one a famous K-Pop idol, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has to look perfect ion every occasion, from her head to her toes. She always looks flawless, and effortlessly gorgeous! She really knows how to combine her styles, which makese people want to be as fashionable as she is! Do you need a guide how to be as stylish as BLACKPINK’s Jennie? Byeol Korea will give you the details about her style, so stay tuned!

Jennie has a lot of various styles, whether it is daily style, airport fashion, casual style, feminine style, and other looks. She can be an cheerful girl in one minute, and another time she turns into a sexy woman with different style. Jennie Kim really knows how to impressed people with her style, right? Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you the stylish BLACKPINK’s Jennie and how to copy her style, as well!

Jennie at Chanel Paris Fashion Week 2018

blackpink jennie

First of all, let’s talk about Jennie Kim’s appearance at Chanel during Paris Fashion Week 2018! The show was for the Chanel ready-to-wear collection, Chanel By The Sea, which was held in October, 2018. She was invited to the show and, obviously, her style was one of the highlights. Previously, she’d already often been seen wearing a lot of outfits from Chanel, and is known to be a frequent customer of the brand.

Jennie appeared in tweed pants and a matching accent blazer with the glitter details on it, and carried a bag that matched. The sparkling sensation from her light blue outfit definitely became the highlight of her style at the time! She kept her makeup very neutral, which gave her a classy, polished look!

Let’s take a look at some Jennie Kim’s style appearance during the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week 2018, here:

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie

Watch one of Jennie Kim’s appearances at Paris Fashion Week 2018 here:

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