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Get To Know More About The Meaning of BLINK BLACKPINK Official Fandom Around The World!

BLACKPINK is known as one of the biggest girl-groups, ever. Not only are they popular in South Korea, but they have spread their wings all around the world, and have met a lot of their fans overseas! BLACKPINK has their own official fandom, and its members are called ‘BLINK’. But do you know about the meaning of BLINK, itself? In this article, Byeol Korea will tell you the details about that, so don’t go anywhere!

BLACKPINK’s fans were curious about the official fandom name that would be chosen for BLACKPINK. Many of them were making guesses, some of them were even trying to make their own fandom name before the official one was released. BLACKPINK’s official instagram account finally revealed the new fandom name, Blink! If you want to know more about that, let’s find out about that together here!



As we’ve just said, BLACKPINK’s official fandom name was BLINK! It was announced officially on November 14, 2016, when BLACKPINK posted a picture with ‘BLINK’ written on it.

BLINK was founded on January 14th, 2017. BLINK is the combination of the words ‘Black’ and ‘Pink’, just like the group name, and that’s why it was called BLINK. In hangul, BLINK was written with 블링크.


After the name was announced, BLACKPINK fans were amazed with it, and they showed the endless support for the group even more. On a lot of occasions, BLACKPINK members have mentioned the name BLINK. Whether it was through their performances, their updates on social media, their interviews, or other occasions! So, guys, what do you think about the name of BLINK?

Their Official Lightstick

After getting to know about BLACKPINK’s official fandom name, people also got curious about BLACKPINK’s official lightstick, as well! On June 15th 2018, BLACKPINK released their official lightstick after successfully made their fans waiting patiently! The lightstick was formed in a heart shape, with the pink and black dominant colors.

The pink color was on the heart, meanwhile the black color was for the lightstick’s handle. BLACKPINK also has its own name for the lightstick, it was called by “Bl-Pink-Bbyong“, which meant BLACKPINK Bbyongmangchi or squeaky hammer. The lightstick was designed by BLACKPINK’s members themselves!

BLACKPINK’s lightstick gained a lot of attention, since the form of the lightstick was pretty unique, and beautiful at the same time! It was kind of a love-hammer lightstick, and it’s also very convenient for the fans to hold them during BLACKPINK’s concerts! For those of you who haven’t bought the lightstick, you could find one through Amazon US, GMarket, and many other retailers!

Moreover, if you bought the stuff, you could also get photocards while supplies lasted. They was divided into a black version and a pink version. The photocards were sent randomly, and it was exclusive! So, make sure you get yours, as well!

Take a look at the BLACKPINK official lightstick here:

BLACKPINK Lightstick

Watch one of the unboxing videos for BLACKPINK’s official lightstick here!


And here’s the lightstick reaction towards various BLACKPINK songs, as well:


Every idol group obviously has their own fanchants. Commonly, the fanchant were made by their fans, and during the group’s performance, the crowd will sing the fanchant to supporting their performance. BLACKPINK also had their own fanchant, too! During their stage performances, BLINK loudly sing the fanchant.

Fanchants become one of the support systems for the K-Pop idols. In each of BLACKPINK’s songs, there are various and different fanchants. BLACKPINK’s members also notice the fanchants that their fans created, and really appreciated that!

One of the famous fanchants was from BLACKPINK’s song, Whistle. And here is the guide on how to sang BLACKPINK’s fanchant during Whistle!

Now, let’s take a look at some of BLACKPINK’s other fanchants which were also made by BLINK, here:

Kill This Love

Don’t Know What To Do

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

As If It’s Your Last

Well, that was all of the information about the meaning of BLINK, the official fandom name of BLACKPINK! After their 3rd anniversary debut, we could seen how BLINKs from the entire world were having the strength to brighten up each of BLACKPINK’s member’s lives, especially after all of their sincerities and endless support for BLACKPINK, since then and now. And as loving fans, we are always supporting BLACKPINK in every occasion, and show them our unconditional love, as well!

Byeol Korea has introduced you the official fandom of BLACKPINK through BLINK. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about that, and kindly leave a comment down below!