Get Inspired By BIGBANG Outfit From Their Music Videos!


Find Out More About Big Bang Fashion Style and Copy Their Outfits

In 2016, Big Bang was included in Time’s 100 Most Influential in 2016 reader poll. They even managed to be more popular than then-US-President, Barack Obama, or even Beyonce. In Korea, Big Bang’s popularity was overwhelming. Big Bang was even dubbed the Kings of K-Pop. Although recently Big Bang popularity reached all time low, due to their members’ scandals, Big Bang is a powerful K-Pop Group. After all the members finished their military duty, Big Bang can reclaim the position as the K-Pop Kings.

Aside from their music, Big Bang is also famous for their style. Their fashion style has set  trends that are followed by their fans. The most classy and stylish member is no doubt G-Dragon. His fashion style is out of the ordinary, and beyond common thinking. Due to G-Dragon’s fashion sense, he got invitations to attend various high-class fashion shows. Other members also have their own unique fashion style and preferences. TOP has a gentlemanly fashion style, while Taeyang has a bad-boy style. Daesong has a rebellious fashion style, while former Big Bang member, Seungri has a classy, but casual fashion style

The biggest fans of Big Bang follow their idols’ fashion style through Big Bang’s music videos. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain all about Big Bang’s outfits from their music videos, So, stay tuned!

Bad Boy


G-Dragon’s fashion sense is never too complicated. He can match up a bomber jacket, hip-hop hats, and painted pants very well. He adds various patch emblems to his military jacket and fur to the back side of the jacket. Patch emblems upgrade the look of a simple green military jacket. Stud earrings, spike necklaces, lots of chains, and a scarf suit very well, with the hip-hop hat to complete hip-hop inspired fashion style.

As usual, TOP prefers a military vest and black pants to complete his fashion style. A large-buttoned military vest make him look like an old style military officer. Seungri’s style is very simple and classy. He wears a burgundy red suit and black shirt to show his classy character.

Taeyang chose a simple sleeveless, black shirt with a black beanie, and Daesung chose a white shirt and denim vest.



TOP wears long red coat with a white, striped shirt for the Blue music video. He wears black boots, a black belt, and a black leather strap watch. If a long red coat is too plain, a patch emblem can be stitched on in chest area.

Taeyang looks extremely comfortable with his blue baseball jacket, white hoodie, white head band, and zebra pants. White high-tops look very suitable for Taeyang’s casual look. If white sneakers aren’t available, black combat boots work well.


G-Dragon chose a rebellious, but casual fashion style during the shooting of the Crooked music video. A simple and casual style can be done by wearing a black shirt, worn out jeans, and black boots. Another simple, but casual look is by wearing a sleeveless or folded shirt, torn slim-fit blue jeans, and high boots. Accessories such as gold chains, necklaces or earrings are essential.

G-Dragon looks very sexy by wearing thai boxing shorts, high socks, and boxing shoes. In another scene, he looks like a nerd by wearing a red oxford shirt, buttoned up and with the sleeves extended. Most of his clothes and pants in the Crooked video are black, such as black leather jacket, black leather pants, and black shorts. Black colored outfits are his secret technique to look rebellious and casual at the same time.

Fantastic Baby


Big Bang’s TOP looks majestic in his appearance for the Fantastic Baby music video. In order to copy his style, wear a military vest or military jacket, oxford shirt or ruffled shirt, and grey Capri pants. In order to complete the look, blue turquoise earrings or a bracelet is acceptable.

Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri barely need any clothing other than black leather pants, since they already have their most precious fashion accessory, which is a fit and athletic body. A fit and athletic body would be a waste if it isn’t shown and flaunted.

In the last scene of the Fantastic Baby video, all the Big Bang members wear highly colorful baseball jackets. The front part has a colorful cartoon image, while the sleeves and back are plain black, or they have colorful sleeves but a plain black front and back. Under the the jacket, a black shirt and tight black jeans completed the look. Accessories such as a gun-shaped necklace, gold spiked bracelet, and pointed leather belt are important


G-Dragon chose playful and pastel colors for the Crayon music video. To copy his look, a pastel red shirt can be matched with a long-sleeved white shirt. Small red ornaments, such as red shirt buttons, a red bow tie necklace, or a red pastel hat added up to the whole fashion style. A red strap belt can be used to add more color to the plain white shirt.

Orange sweaters are slightly uncommon, but G-Dragon perfectly matches the sweater with orange pants. Even though he looked like a walking orange, he used purple accessories and white sneakers to soften the look.

That XX


G-Dragon wears a very simple, yet classy outfit for That XX. He wears different styles of suits. Most of the time, he chooses a grey suit with a white turtleneck shirt. In other scenes, he wears worn-out red suits with a loose white shirt. He uses a big, long gold necklace to ornament his white shirt. He also wears a flower-patterned suit and a classy striped suit.



In one of the scenes of the Heartbreaker music video, G-Dragon wears a sleeveless white shirt combined with loose, silver-colored pants. His hair color was blonde with a slight silvery color. He completed his look with a tight black leather jacket. In order to add more of an intense image, he used a very thick black eyeliner.

G-Dragon wears outdated and oversized suits. One is yellow pastel and the other is white pastel. Another suit that enhances his look is the short, burgundy red suit. He completed the look with a black shirt and black pants. A pointed or oversized ring as additional accessories is compulsory.

That was all the information about Big Bang’s outfits and their fashion style. It is better to copy and adapt with each person’s own character and preferences. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!