All You Need to Know About Episode of BIGBANG’s Funny and Exciting Moments at ‘Weekly Idol’

Big Bang

All of Funny and Hilarious Moment of BigBang at Weekly Idol

Big Bang is a legendary boy-group formed by YG Entertainment, which officially debuted on August 19, 2006. Their success began after they released their first mini album Always with single ‘Lies’ and it won them an award at the Mnet Korean Music Festival 2007. The album Alive entered the album chart on the Billboard 200 in 2012, after its release in February, 2012. They’ve made so many records and won so many awards, that some call them ‘The biggest boy-group in the World’.

The group, consisting of GD, Taeyang, Seungri, T.O.P and Daesung, has been on hiatus since 2016, because some of the members are fulfilling their military service. Before the hiatus began, they released a last album with the name Made (2016), and they also released a music video for ‘Bang Bang Bang’, which got a good response, along with the song ‘Fantastic Baby’.

While waiting for the other members of the group to finish their duty in the military, Seungri has been building a solo career.

BigBang on Weekly Idol Episode 284

Weekly Idol is one of the programs that always invites K-pop groups to become guest stars. In January 15, 2017, YG Entertainment’s legendary boy-group was invited to guest star on the show. In episode 284, they had to dance with random songs. First, they demonstrated FXXK IT’s choreography a little bit, but all hosts thought that the choreography seemed more like freestyle dance.

When the show played the song ‘Blue’, they forgot the choreography and just danced by picking their fingers and moving their feet to left and right. Daesung made an excuse that they forgot the choreo and asked to repeat it, but in the end, Daesung was punished with a hammer on his head by the host.

Bigbang on weekly idol

Then the game continued by playing the song ‘Loser’, and they danced it well. The next song was ‘BAE BAE’ and when it got to T.O.P’s part, his expression while dancing his part was too silly and funny. Because he was too excited to dance, when they played the next song, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, he was in the wrong position and Taeyang called him.

The funny thing happened when GD was surprised that they were playing his solo song titled ‘CROOKED’. GD said ‘My solo? are you kidding..?’ and as result they just jumped and enjoyed the music. The next song was ‘Big Hit’, and they danced with their thumbs raised up.  The music stopped in the middle of the song, and the dance was protested by the show’s hosts. Daesung had to explain to them that the choreography for that song really did look like that.

Seungri earned the same punishment as Daesung, because when ‘Lies’ was played he was the only one to dance. His hyungs, or older members, made excuses that they only stand still while they singing it. Taeyang also got a punishment for the song ‘Last Farewell’. He made a wrong move, and GD realized it and said “He’s wrong”. Seungri took the host’s place to give Taeyang his punishment, and the other members heated up the atmosphere by suggesting Taeyang should hit the maknae they way the maknae did it to him.

BigBang on Weekly Idol Episode 285

The next episode, episode 285, Big Bang was given a mission to solve a challenge for each member, and the winner would be chosen direcly by the members of the group. The selected winner would receive a personal card prize, like a debit card. Before the group was told what the prize would be, the hosts just said that they would give a desirable gift if the members complete the mission, and gave an example, saying that Blackpink received a computer as a prize.

Bigbang on weekly idol

The hosts asked what each member wanted. Taeyang answered a computer, Seungri and Daesung wanted a purifier from swiss, T.O.P originally wanted chair furniture but then he also wanted a villa because, GD said he wanted to have a dinner with the entire YG Entertainment family. And when GD was asked where he wanted to have the dinner, he replied ‘Ibiza’, and  Seungri humorously repeated ‘Ibiza’ in a silly way.

Bigbang on weekly idol

The first mission started with GD’s personal card prize. The other members were given the mission to make aegyo, or cute expressions, that made GD mad. The members all did it in a funny way that would make anyone laugh. Because Daesung and Seungri were the funniest, they had to compete against each other to get the card and make GD mad. The first mission was won by Seungri.

Bigbang on weekly idol

Big Bang has had a lot of funny moments when they were on Weekly Idol, such as the silly T.O.P during the episode, Daesung’s scary smile, Seungri’s weirdness and cuteness, GD’s innocence, and Taeyang’s cool style dancing to girl-group songs.

Bigbang on weekly idol

For this segment, which is also a characteristic of Weekly Idol, the Big Bang song ‘Bang Bang Bang’ was chosen. It was was originally fast-paced song, and they had to dance it at double speed. Before it started, T.O.P did a solo dance, and then was detained by Jung Hyung-don. ‘Bang Bang Bang’ started playing at double speed, and they kept up with it, seriously and perfectly, earning praise from the host. But there were still elements that brought on laughter, such as when Daesung danced his part free-style or exaggerated so much it made GD laugh out loud.

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