Who Is Big Bang’s Seungri’s Girlfriend in 2019? Is He Dating Someone Right Now?

Big Bang's Seungri

Get Closer With Big Bang’s Seungri’s Love Life

Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri is known to be cheerful, funny, and friendly. He is also an actor, entrepreneur, and the lovely maknae of Big Bang. Seungri loves making friends with everyone, and he sometimes refers to how many friends he has, not only in Korea but also in other countries such as Indonesia.

He seems easy going with anyone and makes people comfortable around him, even his female friends. Because of this, people assume that Seungri has special relations with one of his female friends.

Seungri’s Love Life

Big Bang's Seungri

People are curious so much about the idol life including daily activities, working, family, and even their love lives. As a famous idol who has many fans around the world, Big Bang’s Seungri’s fans are interested in many things about him, especially his love life. Are you one of Seungri’s fans who is curious, too? Scroll down to find out about Seungri’s love life!

Big Bang’s Seungri’s Dating Rumor with a Non-Celebrity

Big Bang Seungri

In mid-June, breaking news spread about a rumor that Seungri was dating a non-celebrity who was staffed at his agency, YG Entertainment. The source said, “It’s been openly known among broadcast sources.”

Perceiving the rumor, YG Entertainment simply stated, “We’re checking to see if it’s true.”

Big Bang's Seungri

During his first solo album The Great Seungri‘s press conference that was held at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity on July 20, Seungri spoke up about his recent dating rumors and explained himself, “There was a dating scandal about me with staff agency that looks like a celebrity visually recently. It was my beautiful assistant manager, who made an appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone. the reports were mistaken and misinterpreted.”

He continued, “Things got awkward [between us] after rumors spread. She just leaves the files on my desk when reporting. We used to talk a lot in the past.”

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