Complete Information About Big Bang’s Daesung (Military Service, Prostitute Scandal, and Latest News)


Beenzino Shares About Meeting With Big Bang’s Members in Military

Rapper Beenzino shared some stories from the military. During a recent Instagram Live, Beenzino talked about serving with Big Bang’s members, Taeyang and Daesung.

He said, “Youngbae really loves to talk, so he wants to have conversations all the time. But Daesung gets sleepy when it turns 10. I think Daesung goes to bed at 10 and wakes up at 6 in the morning. He wakes up by himself in the early morning.” Beenzino continued, “There was one night where we had a conversation till very late. Taeyang said, ‘Let’s talk,’ so we did but when he got sleepy, he moonwalked to his bed.”

He playfully added, “I wondered why Taeyang is Taeyang. He’s Taeyang because he won’t let Daesung sleep. Like a rising sun…”. (Taeyang means ‘sun’ in Korean)

Meanwhile, Beenzino finished his mandatory service and was discharged on February 17.

Big Bang’s Seungri’s Prostitute Scandal


Ten days after the news about closing the night club Burning Sun was released, shocking news emerged from SBS FunE on (26/2/2019). In the news, a reporter released a chat message that took place between Seungri, the singer with the initials “C”, Kim (one of the Burning Sun’s employees), and Yoo In Suk, who was the CEO of Yuri Holding and Seungri’s business partner in managing several businesses, including Burning Sun.

In a message sent in 2015, it was indicated that a chat was talking about the demand for “women” to be provided to one of their business investors. For this news, both Seungri and Yuri Holding did not acknowledge the accuracy of the news and stated that the message contained in it was a manipulated message.

In response to this response, SBS FunE reporters gave a statement that the message was an original message without any manipulation. On the same day, the police released a statement that they would carry out further investigations regarding the news that had spread among the public.

A day after the spread of news related to the message involving Seungri, the former BIG BANG boy-group personnel finally decided to voluntarily conduct an investigation process at the police station on February 27, 2019.

Responding to the attitude of his foster children, YG Entertainment finally released a statement that Seungri would cancel all of his keartisan activities including the “The Greatest Seungri” concert in Jakarta, which was planned to be held on March 17.

Five days later, Seungri was again proclaimed by SBS FunE to have been implicated in cases of prostitution, namely the provision of “female” services to several business investors.

This news was proclaimed directly by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission which stated that they had received some evidence on February 22 and were investigating the contents and authenticity of the messages sent by an informant.

Four days after the news spread, on March 8 MBC revealed several documents that showed that Seungri had a considerable role in managing the Burning Sun nightclub.

In the data released and translated by Soompi, it was found that Seungri was one of the four high-ranking officials at the nightclub and he was one of the biggest investors in the business, in which he claimed was not involved in much of the management side.

From the documents released, it was also known that Yuri Holding invested in the club by 20%. In several documents and news that spread on various media, on March 10, 2019, the police finally released a statement that Seungri was being detained and will be questioned on charges of prostitution service providers and several other cases such as circumvention of paying taxes.

G-Dragon is Said to Have Received Special Treatment During Military Service.

During his military service, G-Dragon was often reported to have received special treatment. But reportedly, it made the rapper’s ranking in the Korean army unit.

First reported by Dispatch, a soldier will pass three ranks before finally completing military service. The first three months, they will become ordinary soldiers, seven months later the rank will rise to become a first-class soldier, and they will rise to the position of corporal seven after that.

A number of soldiers entering military service with G-Dragon have now been promoted to corporal, while the singer is still at the level of a first-class soldier.

According to sources, quoted from Soompi, Tuesday (2/26) this was probably due to G-Dragon not passing the usual evaluation before the promotion. The lack of graduates is reportedly caused because he is often absent on the grounds of taking a break or being sick.

As of February 26, 2019, G-Dragon had been serving 364 days since starting the army on February 27, 2018. During the 100 days of the count, he was recorded as spending time outside the unit. At least 50 days were taken for reasons of holidays or illness. The soldiers did get a 28-day holiday allotment while in the army, but G-Dragon used it in less than one year.

Dispatch also revealed that G-Dragon spent 11 days off during February 1-11. They accused the military of giving G-Dragon special treatment with regard to holidays. White Skull Division, the division where G-Dragon was assigned, denied the news. They affirmed the holiday allowance and illness were given in accordance with regulations.

“The commander gives permission for holidays to all soldiers who are transferred at the same time. All holidays given are carried out in accordance with regulations. When the new year starts, 30 days of sick permission is granted,” he said.

Meanwhile, until now there are still no comments from YG Entertainment.

Will Big Bang Disband or Not?

GD ,as the leader, convinced the fans at the concert on December 31, 2017, by saying “I don’t know why many think this is our last concert just because it’s called ‘Last Dance ‘, the five of us believe this isn’t the last concert. I promised to return with five members”. 

This was also confirmed by Yang Hyun-suk’s uploaded video as CEO of YG Entertainment on his personal Instagram. In the video, the staff and members were having dinner together.

YG Entertainment thanked the five members and also praised the hard work of the staff. In addition, YG Entertainment also added “In two or three years from now, BIG BANG will start again with the five members and I believe they will be together forever”.

Not stopping there, YG Entertainment also uploaded a photo of TOP that he took, himself, during the concert, and also a photo of him and the members, which became the number one controversy in Korea in 2017. In the photo, YG Entertainment provides a caption containing the lyrics from the TOP part “I will sing this song back to you”.

YG Entertainment also added a hashtag that was the most touching thing during yesterday’s concert, See You again BIGBANG, and YG Entertainment closed their caption by writing “BIGBANG is still with five members”.

As we already know, Seungri has decided end his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and also Big Bang because of the scandal, but it seems that it did not affect the other four members of the group. There is no certainty, but it looks like Big Bang will continue their career in the entertainment industry as a four-member group, without Seungri.

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