Get Closer With Boys Generally Asian’s Members (BgA) (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Comeback)


Netizen Reactions for BgA

After coming back with Who’s it Gonna Be, most of the ‘K-poopers’ were happy that they made a comeback after almost a year. They also did a better line distribution for the song. and the lyrics are more easy-listening and understandable. Some fans also noticed the fan service that BgA provides as the parody of Korean boy-group’s ship!

Let’s take a look at some moments where Justin and Jun interact that made fans go crazy!

And let’s take a look at fans reaction to this.

BgA really knows how to spoil fans, don’t they?

As for the whole music video, the fans appreciated this comeback and totally love this song. Some of them just got to know BgA after listening to this second song and have already fallen in love.

Let’s take a look at some reactions from netizens!

The fans wanted BgA to make a comeback already. Who’s also excited and can’t wait to see these five boys come back with a new song? Raise your hands, K-poopers!

Latest News About BgA

Ryan Higa, as the pioneer of BgA, has a daily podcast called Off the Pill that you can find on YouTube or Spotify. There, Ryan talks about anything, including BgA and the reasons why the group can’t make a regular comeback just like the real K-pop group. Ryan said that all the cost of BgA’s comeback came from his own pocket, so it might be a little bit hard to not only set the right timing and match the members’ schedule, but also to direct and producing the whole song, dance, and the music video that is being made by themselves.

But on the podcast where he invited Justin as the guest, Ryan said that they were working on another new project. BgA also has a new song that still needs to be written out and recorded by both Ryan and David. Since Jun did the choreography for the first two singles, we can predict that he will contribute the choreography for the third, as well.

In addition to a new song, on the Off the Pill podcast that released on July 29, 2019, Ryan said that not only is BgA’s new song going to be released, but also a BgA movie that Ryan and Justin have been considering for a long time, but have never actually done it yet.

Are you ready for the BgA Movie? Get your heart ready, K-Poopers! And let’s pray that the production team which are the BgA members and their team, can actually do the project and finish it quickly! Let’s support all the BgA members and all their individual projects as well. Cheers!

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