Get Closer With Boys Generally Asian’s Members (BgA) (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Comeback)


BgA Debut with Dong Saya Dae

BgA made their very first appearance on the Internet when Dong Saya Dae’s music video was uploaded on Ryan’s YouTube channel, higaniga, on May 16th, 2016. This is the first American K-Pop boy-band that consists of five Asian-American boys who can’t really sing, dance, or even speak Korean. Well, some of them are Korean, though.

If you take a look at the music video, BgA shows us that they were formed because of the Korean hallyu wave that spread around the whole world, including the US. It made the five guys upset. As the story of the music video tell us, they can’t relate to the American K-popers, since their idols are Korean and the fangirls don’t even speak their language. However, since they were all Asian and boys, they decided to form a K-pop boy-band even though they can’t sing or dance.

Take a look at the music video for Dong Saya Dae if you’re curious!

The concept of the song, the choreography, and the story in the music video are actually just a parody of K-Pop. You can tell because the lyrics of the song make no sense. The lyrics mainly talk about unrelated things such as potato, “I have no friends”, and even poop, but it’s all written in Korean. Ryan, as the only one who sings in this song, also uses auto-tune for most of the parts of this song, even though he was originally a singer and has a beautiful voice.

Even when the concept of this music video was made to be a comedic thing, Ryan and David Choi put a lot of effort in making the music. Philip Wang and the crew in Wong Fu Production also directed the video perfectly. Let’s appreciate their hard work by giving likes and comments to the video!

Do you know that Dong Saya Dae reached the top 2 K-Pop chart on iTunes? They’re so amazing, right?

What do you think about Dong Saya Dae, their first debut song? Let’s take a look at some netizen’s reactions!

Netizen Reactions

If you think that people would get mad when an Asian-American makes a joke about K-pop and K-popers, well, you’re wrong! Almost all the reactions that BgA has received have been positive. Not just from the K-popers themselves, but also from non-K-popers who don’t listen to K-pop. They all enjoyed the music and liked the idea that BgA are so relatable and fun to watch!

Here are some netizen’s reaction of BgA’s Dong Saya Dae!

Who also agrees that Dong Saya Dae has the same style as Big Bang and has Big Bang vibes as well??

Even the Koreans can’t take it anymore.. this is way too funy and easy to listen to!

Yes, totally!

Even the non-K-popers like this music!

And let’s see the reactions from some YouTubers. How do you think they will react to this?

BgA Comeback with Who’s It Gonna Be?

After releasing the first single, BgA got a lot of positive reactions from K-pop enthusiasts and other listeners. Some of them even claimed that they’ve become K-pop listeners after hearing their song. But since then, have there been any actions from BgA? Another comeback song, perhaps? Have they released any merchandise, or lightstick, maybe?

Well, BgA could just spoil the fans and give them everything about BgA, including an upcoming comeback song, while they had all that attention after they released Dong Saya Dae, but they didn’t do that. Instead, the BgA fans, once called the BgA Army, had to wait for almost a year until BgA released a new song.

The song, called Who’s it Gonna Be was released on March 25, 2017, and is much more serious than Dong Saya Dae. The line distribution for “Who’s it Gonna Be” is also more fair, instead of only being sung by Ryan. On this comeback song, all the members sing and dance to the song, just like a real K-pop boy-group. The lyrics also make more sense and have a plot, which is the same concept as the storyline of the music video.

The music video, itself, tells a story about one of BgA’s members who got an individual contract. If he goes solo, he will have more shine and be more popular. It was also shown while it was a promising contract, all the things that listed on the contract, he’d have to do everything alone. The member who got the offer was Jun, the maknae, or the youngest. In the music video, Jun was shown as the member that got all the highlights and made the other BgA members get less recognition.

Just like the music video, one of the lyrics said, “One of us will rise, the rest will fall.” It showed that BgA had an internal conflict that could be faced by other K-pop idol groups even when they’ve only released two songs. As you can see, this could be a serious problem for a K-pop group, because if it’s only one member that gets the shine, the other members will struggle to have time in the spotlight.

BgA once again tells this story in a comedic way. In the end, Jun came back and didn’t want to pursue the career alone. He chose to be with BgA instead of going solo.

In this song, not only do we hear each member’s voice, we can also hear the violin part played by Jun!

What do you think about the music video? Share your thoughts!

Pst, after reaching the top 2 K-Pop chart on iTunes, BgA reached number one on the same chart with their comeback song! Can you believe it?

They’re totally amazing!

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