Get Closer With Boys Generally Asian’s Members (BgA) (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Comeback)

Who’s Gonna be Your Next Idol? It Must Be BgA!

Are you a K-pop fan? Are you tired of being an international fan that can’t interact with your Korean idol because of the language barrier? Are you a long-time K-pop fan and want something new to the K-pop industry? Well, you must see the K-pop group that is totally different than any other Korean idols. They all speak English! Not just one or two, but everyone in the group is a native English speaker.

Wow, how could it be?

Well… The K-pop group that we’re going to talk about might not be a K-pop group that you usually see on the Internet or TV. But what’s so wrong about it? Some of them are Koreans, they’re also boys. So they could be your Korean boys, right? Well, basically, they’re boys that are generally Asians. Or let’s just call them what they named themselves, Boys generally Asians, BgA.

BgA consists of five Asian-American YouTubers, Ryan Higa from “nigahiga” channel, Philip Wong from “Wong Fu Production”, David Choi from the “David Choi” channel, Justin Chon from the “Justin Chon” channel and, lastly, Jun Sung Ahn from the “JunCurryAhn” channel. Some of you might have heard about then individually, and might be shocked to know that they all did a collaboration. Not only just a collaboration, but more like showing the world their potential to form a K-pop group.

Well, enough with the intro. Let’s just take a look at BgA, from their profiles, how they formed, their debut song, etc. Be careful, you might want to put them into your bias list later!

BgA: Boys Generally Asian

Boys Generally Asian, or we can just call them capital ‘B’, with a lowercase ‘g’, and a capital ‘A’, BgA, is a K-pop group that was formed on May 14, 2016, when they released their very first song. You may have read that BgA consists of five Asian-American actors and YouTubers, but do you know that they also have their own stage names, just like the real K-pop groups? Besides, you might want to know them better and are wondering who the five guys that formed BgA are.

Keep scrolling because we’re going to spill the beans about them!

R.O.P’s Profile

BgA Stage Name: R.O.P

Real name: Ryan Higa

Birth place and date: Hilo, Hawaii, June 6, 1990

Occupation: YouTube Comedian, YouTube Personality, Actor

YouTube channel: nigahiga

Instagram: notryanhiga

Facts About R.O.P

  1. Ryan is a Japanese-American born in Hilo, Hawaii.
  2. He is a judo athlete and he holds a black belt.
  3. He attended Waiakeia High School, Hawaii.
  4. He has a catchphrase that he almost always puts at the end of his videos, “TEEHEE”.
  5. Ryan formed his YouTube channel, nigahiga, in 2006 along with his schoolmate, Sean Fujiyoshi.
  6. The term “niga” on his YouTube channel name came from the Japanese words にが, that means “rant”.
  7. On his YouTube channel, Ryan often posts about parody videos, music videos, podcasts, etc.
  8. He announced on his podcast that he’s dating actress Arden Cho.

P-Dragon’s Profile

P dragon

Real name: Philip Wang

Birthplace and date: California, October 28, 1984

Occupation: Film Maker, Director, YouTube personality.

YouTube channel: Wong Fu Production, pwangs

Instagram: @philwongfu

Facts About P-Dragon

1. Phil was one of the founders of Wong Fu Production from YouTube.

2. He began Wong Fu Production, along with Ted Fu and Wesley Chan, unofficially since their high school days in 2001.

3. Phil and the Wong Fu Production team were the directors for the two BgA music videos.

4. He’s of Chinese decent but was born and raised in California.

5. The first time Phil met Ryan was when they did a project together, making a film called “Agents Secret Stuff” on YouTube.

6. Phil wasn’t considering being a director at first, he wanted to have a career in economics.

Daeyang’s Profile

Real name: David Choi

Birthplace and date: California, March 22, 1986

Occupation: Singer, Musician, Songwriter

YouTube channel: David Choi

Instagram: @davidchoimusic

Facts About Daeyang

1. David is of Korean decent but was born and raised in California.

2 His parents run a music store called “Grace Store”, and his father can play autoharp. These are some of the reasons why David wanted to be a musician.

3. He hated music when he was a kid, because his parents always forced him to practice violin and piano 30 minutes every day. If he didn’t do it, he would be punished.

4. David played classical and jazz music when he was a kid, because his parents signed him up in an orchestra class.

5. He started to listen to and do pop songs after he listened to “All the Small Things” by Blink 182. He also liked Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, and even J-pop.

6. David has released three albums since 2008, starting with his debut album, Only You. After that he released By My Side in 2009 and released Forever and Ever in 2011.

7. He also released two digital albums, called Stories of You’s and Me and The David Choi Christmas Album, which were released on iTunes and Spotify.

8. David collaborated with Phil and the Wong Fu Production team in 2009, to make his music video.

J-Lite’s Profile

Real name: Justin Chon

Birthplace and date: California, May 29, 1981

Occupation: Actor, director, YouTuber

YouTube channel: Justin Chon

Instagram: @justinchon

Facts About J-Lite

1. Justin is the oldest member in BgA.

2. He’s famous for playing the role of Eric, Bella Swan’s high school friend in Twilight.

3. Besides acting, Justin also directed some movies, and one of them is a movie called “Ms. Purple” that released in 2019.

4. Justin married his girlfriend, Sasha Egorava, in 2014, and had a daughter in 2017.

5. Justin is of Korean decent; his father was an actor in Korea.

6. He went to one of the top universities in Korea, Yonsei University, as an exchange student while he was in college.

7. He started his acting career in 2005 and has already played in various movies and TV series.

8. Unlike Phil and David, Justin just met Ryan for the first time in BgA.

Jeungri’s Profile

Real name: Jun Sung Ahn

Birthplace and date: South Korea, February 18, 1993

Occupation: Singer, Violinist, Video Producer, YouTuber, Dancer

YouTube channel: Jun Curry Ahn

Instagram: @juncurryahn

Facts About Jeungri

1. Jun is the youngest member in BgA.

2. Unlike the other BgA members, he was born in South Korea and moved to the States when he was in elementary school.

3. On YouTube, Jun does a lot of pop and K-pop music covers with his violin.

4. He performed at KCon LA in 2014, as the opening act where he covered a song with his violin and also covered the dance for some songs.

5. He is a K-popper and he is a fan of BTS.

6. Jun released a solo song called Hold it Down. He’s done collaborations with a lot of musicians, one of them is Woodz, or Cho Seungyoun from X1.

7. Jun chose to play violin because he said that the instrument’s sound matched his personality.

8. During middle school, He once admitted that he wanted to be a chef because of his mother’s cooking.

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