Healthy and Delicious! Best Popular Korean Chicken Gourmet and Where To Buy in Seoul Korea!


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Korean style is to use whole chicken!

Chicken is often cooked separately in Japan, such as peach, breast and fillet. On the other hand, the whole Korean chicken dish is teppan, so you can enjoy various parts at once.

Recently, healthy fried chicken that cannot be fried in oil has appeared, and it is popular among women on a diet! So this time I would like to introduce a popular chicken specialty store in Korea.

Tae-white Kummul Takkabi


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First of all, we will introduce you to a popular shop, Taebaek Kummul Takkabi, where you can enjoy a slightly different takkabi.

Normally, it is a chicken dish that is fried on an iron plate, but this restaurant has a pot-like sauce that you can boil in soup.

The chicken, which has been aged after the seasoning, is well-kneaded and you can feel the rich taste. The soup is mellow and has a slightly sweet taste.

Please check it out if you want to enjoy “Soup Takkabi”, which is likely to become more popular in the future. By the way, it is Korean style to add rice to the remaining soup!

  • Address: 53, Panulle Road, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Access: 10 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Mapo-gu Office Station on Subway Line 6
  • Opening hours: 11: 00-23: 00

Chan Intarkarbi


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Next, we will introduce the Chan Intalkalbi, which has been loved by local Koreans.

The most popular menu at this restaurant is the boneless Takkabi. It is a menu where you can choose 3 kinds of spicy sauce, wrap the chicken in the center with plenty of the central Torotoro cheese, and wrap it in vegetables.

It is a popular cheese tsukalbi in Japan, but I think that many people get tired of the persistentness of cheese while eating. However, you can eat healthy without getting tired by wrapping it in vegetables.

By the way, cheese topping is an extra charge, and the price is around 4000 won. For the remaining cheese, add rice at the end and make it a fried rice (pokkumpa)!

  • Address: 1 Tehran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Access: 2-minute walk from Exit 11 of Gangnam Station on Subway Line 2
  • Business hours: 11: 00-24: 00: 00



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This is a takkabi specialty store, Yogane, which is popular among Japanese tourists.

It is one of the most popular stores, especially for tourists, because it speaks Japanese and has many stores in shopping districts.

There are 145 stores throughout South Korea, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a store that spreads takkabi to the world. In addition to the general takkabi, there are many arrangement menus such as bean sprouts and cheese takkabi.

One of the pleasures is that the most popular Yuganatsukarubi can be customized with your favorite ingredients. Because the clerk cooks everything, it is safe even for those who are eating the first time.

  • Address: 13 Myeongdong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Access: 5 minutes on foot from Exit 5 of Euljiro Station on Subway Line 2
  • Business hours: 09: 00-22: 30



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Delicious chicken dishes are always worried about calories. However, this Oppadak is attracting attention as being able to get healthy chicken dishes.

All chicken menus are baked in a special oven. Crispy and juicy chicken is very healthy because it has extra oil removed. Therefore, even if you eat one, it does not feel greasy, and it is a nice point even if you are on a diet.

By the way, there are few restaurants open late at night in the Myeongdong area, but this is open until 3 am. There may be few people who play in Myeongdong at night, but if you are close to the hotel, please visit!

  • Address: 7 Myeongdong 7 Myeongdong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Access: 5 minutes walk from Exit 6 of Euljiro Station
  • Business Hours: 12:00-Next 03:00

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