Complete Compilation List of 10 Best K-Pop Girl Group Leaders and Why We Choose Them!


#8 APINK’s Chorong

A-PINK’s leader, Park Cho-rong (박초롱), is one of the oldest members of the group and was born on March 3, 1991. As reported from an online media source, Chorong is also known as a talented member of the K-pop industry. Not only is she the leader in her group, APINK’s Chorong is also an experienced songwriter.

She wrote the song titled April 19th while thinking about the fans and about her first stage performance with APINK. She’s been given the nickname ‘Mama Rong‘ because she serve as a maternal figure in the group. The members have been together for more than seven years and haven’t had any scandals, since they have a strong leader like Chorong.

Chorong is a good leader and takes good care of the other group members, but she’s also talked about the pressure of being a leader and how the group went through a conflict in one episode of ‘Life Bar‘, aired on tvN. She explained that she has to be responsible to the group and sometimes it was depressing for her to be the one to comfort the others when she doesn’t have a way to take any of the weight off her shoulders.

#9 Sistar’s Hyolyn

Hyolyn is now a legendary soloist from South Korea with her own charm and amazing stage presence. However, she was debuted as a member of the girl-group SISTAR in 2010 and became the group’s leader. Hyolyn’s real name is Kim Hyo-jung (김효정) and she was the oldest member of the group.

Hyolyn is really well-known for her sexy performances and for being a bit of a diva back when she had just debuted with her group. She’s popular for her strong vocals, so much so that people have called her the ‘Korean Beyonce‘. As a leader, Hyolyn was a good role model for the other members as she once starred in  thetelevision drama, Dream High 2 and has been featured in other artists’ new songs.

Hyolyn is a little bit different than any other female leader when it comes to her appearance. She’s a very talented idol and the former leader of SISTAR has now become the CEO of her own entertainment company, Brid3 (read: Bridge). She is really experienced for being a leader and a soloist and her popularity has increased internationally.

#10 f(x)’s Victoria

f(x)’s Victoria was born in Qingdao, China, on February 2, 1987. She is the only Chinese member in f(x) and is well-known as an SM Entertainment idol who always shows up in other artists’ music videos because of her beautiful appearance. Victoria debuted in 2009. Because she’s no longer considered young at 23, she was chosen as the leader of the group.

Victoria is known for her incredible flexibility and her talent in dancing, since she also took a position as a dancer. She looks like a model, which is a plus since she keeps being chosen as a brand ambassador for luxury items such as women’s bags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, etc.

After making a comeback in 2015 with 4 Walls, Victoria returned to her hometown in China and made a solo debut as an actress and model. Although she was on a hiatus and not promoting with f(x), she’s still known as a leader who loves each of the other members and takes care of them wholeheartedly.

That was all the information about K-Pop’s best girl-group leaders from across the industry! I believe most of you guys have known these leaders as well, and their good habits while taking care of the members, making other’s priority comes first, and protecting their fans and members, as well. Let us hope that there will be more strong leaders in the future, who can be a good example for others!