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Everything You Need To Know About The Future Generation of Girlgroup Baby Vox Re.V Group Profile, Stage Performance Until Their Latest News

Baby Vox ReV
Baby Vox Re.V

Learn More About Baby Vox Re.V Full Profile, Debut, Songs, and More!

As an entertainer in South Korea, of course, each group has its own career path. One of them is Baby Vox Re.V, a girl group known as the 2nd generation of the previous girl group that was very popular in the country, Baby V.O.X. Even so, the debut of Baby Vox Re.V managed to draw the attention of the public with every promotion they have done. In just two years, the group was able to actively promote and release singles and was also involved in other activities. This 5-member girl group also made some line-up changes in their second year of promotions.

Debuting with female members who are still very young is a special attraction because Baby Vox Re.V seems to have a different concept from the girl groups that were popular at the time. With the energetic and sexy choreography, fans who already took an interest in the first generation Baby V.O.X continued their appreciation by supporting Baby Vox Re.V who debuted in 2007 with Shee. But as time went on, Baby Vox Re.V experienced a decline in popularity and there was no news of the continuation of their career because each member had also not promoted together as a girl group.

Without waiting any longer, let’s take a more detailed look at Baby Vox Re.V’s profile, members, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news, in this article. Let’s scroll down and dive into the sea of information about Baby Vox Re.V!

Baby Vox Re.V Profile

Baby Vox Re.V

Check out more detail about Baby Vox Re.V’s individual profiles from their members in this session below!

Baby Vox Re.V An Jin-kyoung

Real Name : An Jin-kyoung (hangul: 안진경)

Birth : March 20, 1983

Blood Type : O

Height : 168cm

Weight : 49cm

Position of the group : Lead Vocal

Family : Parents and older sister

Education : DanKook University

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung can speak Japanese
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung’s hobbies are making paper flowers and cooking
  3. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung’s favorite music style is R&B and House
  4. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung’s favorite artists are Usher, Christina Aguilera and Pussycat Dolls
  5. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung’s favorite foods are sushi and rice noodles
  6. Baby Vox Re.V’s An Jin-kyoung’s favorite feature is a warm person and caring

Baby Vox Re.V Yang Eun-ji

Real Name : Yang Eun-ji (hangul: 양은지)

Birth : May 14th, 1984

Blood Type : O

Height : 170cm

Weight : 52kg

Position of the group : Vocals

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s favorite music style is Ballad, Jazz, Pop and R&B
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and read a magazine
  3. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s specialties are playing piano and swimming
  4. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s favorite artist is Beyonce
  5. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s favorite foods are anything that cooks chicken
  6. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s nickname is Yangyang
  7. Baby Vox Re.V’s Yang Eun-ji’s favorite feature is being a Christian, a person that anyone can trust and beng a sincere person

Baby Vox Re.V Hwang Yeon-kyoung

Real Name : Hwang Yeon-kyoung (hangul: 황연경)

Birth : September 5th, 1985

Blood Type : B

Height : 169cm

Weight : 46kg

Position of the group : Vocals

Family : Parents and younger sister

Education : Seoul Broadcasting School

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s hobbies are practicing expressions and singing
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s specialty is photography
  3. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s favorite music style is R&B, Hip Hop and Rock
  4. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s favorite artists are Fly to the Sky and Pussycat Dolls
  5. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s favorite foods are cheese, tuna and chicken
  6. Baby Vox Re.V’s Hwang Yeon-kyoung’s favorite features are her mouth and her white skin

Baby Vox Re.V Oh Min-jin

Real Name : Oh Min-jin (hangul: 오민진)

Birth : October 5, 1983

Blood Type : 170cm

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Oh Min-jin joined as the member of the group in 2008 to replaced Myung Sa-rang and Han Ae-ri
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Oh Min-jin used to be a member of Japanese band, Zenith

Baby Vox Re.V Park So-ri

Real Name : Park So-ri (hangul: 박소리)

Birth : September 18, 1991

Height : 167cm

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Park So-ri joined as the member of the group in 2008 alongside with Oh Min-jin to replaced Myung Sa-rang and Han Ae-ri
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Park So-ri’s hometown is from Gangneung, South Korea
  3. Baby Vox Re.V’s Park So-ri was known as the member who has a cute appeal

Baby Vox Re.V Han Ae-ri

Real Name : Han Ae-ri (hangul: 한애리)

Birth : March 10, 1985

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Han Ae-ri is the original line-up member of the group
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Han Ae-ri decided to left in 2007 to pursue with her acting career

Baby Vox Re.V Myung Sa-rang

Real Name : Myung Sa-rang (hangul: 명사랑)

Birth : November 11th, 1990

Height : 178cm

Weight : 57kg

Position of the group : Vocals and Rap

Family : Parents

Education : Deutsche School Seoul Gymnasium

Fun Facts

  1. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s nickname is Nes and Rang
  2. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s hobbies are writing, listening to music, reading, doing sports, dancing and watching movies
  3. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s specialties are playing piano and speaking in several languages
  4. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s favorite music styles are Hip–Hop, Classical and Rock
  5. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s favorite artists are Green Day, Christina Aguilera and The Killers
  6. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s favorite foods are pizza, sushi and rice
  7. Baby Vox Re.V’s Myung Sa-rang’s favorite features are a modest and likes a man who has a romantic side

Career Breakthrough

Baby Vox Re.V

The line-up at the time of the first album, from left to right, Han Ae-ri, Yang Eun-ji, Myung-Sarang, Ahn Jin-kyung, Hwang Yeon-kyung.

Their first regular album contained their debut song titled “Shee” as one of the songs on the tracklist. The group’s popularity became a little absorbed by those who were thirsty for and were part of the existing Baby Vox fandom when the start of their debut year was smooth. In particular, the atmosphere was good as they debuted on the same day as Wonder Girls from JYP Entertainment, a major agency, and took a rival route. It was before they released the mega-hit song titled “Tell Me.”

There was also a controversy over rehearsal greetings regarding each other. If Wonder Girls was a school look concept aimed at teenagers, this one stands for the Korean version of Pussycat Dolls and raised a topic with a completely opposite route with hip-shaking dance. Even, in the “Shee” music video, it has been brought to the point where it almost subtracts the atmosphere of the Pussycat Dolls song “Buttons,” which was fashionable at the time.

Another song that also managed to draw attention was a new hit performed in a collaboration stage with their girl group senior, Chun Sang Ji-hee (CSJH The Grace) in Music Bank titled “Never Say Goodbye,” a small-style sequel composed by Kim Do-hoon.

However, during their promotion activity and schedules, the youngest member, Myung Sarang, suddenly stopped (withdrawal from the group) and started to creak. Myung Sarang’s activities were halted because she was still in high school, but in reality, it was because she was burdened with the sexy concept. Myung Sarang, who was a minor member, was the center of the hip dance choreography, which was the killing part of the debut song, “Shee.”

There were opinions that the team sprung too much, but that point was unique. Myung Sarang was the member that used to be the center almost every time, so the fans regretted it a lot.

In addition, during their schedules and activity, a disagreement between Mnet and the agency led to an issue, due to which they could no longer appear on M! ​​Countdown. This steady upward movement continued until the end of the year and Baby Vox Re.V were also nominated for a rookie girl group at the 2007 Mnet awards ceremony, but they were prevented from appearing on the stage. But at the MKMF awards ceremony, a collaboration performance of girl groups Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, Kara, and Black Pearl, which are considered legends, was held.

Unfortunately, Baby Vox Re.V missed the best chance to promote the group during the awards. Then, with DR Music as their agency informing that overseas activities are the cause, an infinite hiatus began without communication with fans at all. By using Baby Vox’s Hallyu reputation in the past, the agency sold its name and turned a lot of Baby Vox Re.V in Southeast Asia. This would have been a device to make up for the deficit, but the Korean music industry was rapidly flowing while turning to Southeast Asia for over a year.

In this agency, rumors of a member’s withdrawal started to circulate, and if so, it should have been actively clarified, and there was no such thing. After the announcement of the youngest member Myung Sarang’s suspension of activities due to her school life as a student, the agency said that they would recruit a new member and come back around in September 2007, but it was canceled.

During that time, two names of new members were mentioned. One of them was Oh Min-jin. In early 2008, after a long absence, new members were revealed in the entertainment program MBC Every1 Sleep in the Countryside, and the other was revealed as Park So-ri, the youngest high school girl at the time.

The 2nd album line-up, from left to right included Oh Min-jin, Yang Eun-ji, Ahn Jin-kyung, Hwang Yeon-kyung, Park So-ri.

And in the summer of July 2008, the album was suddenly released without any publicity, the 2nd album had the lead single titled “I Believe.” The fan café was already in a state of a lull due to the long gap caused by the group’s promotion in Southeast Asia and even a few fans did not know it, but only some of them noticed when the album was about to be released.

It was a remake of the hit song of Thai female singer TaTa Young and it was like an adaptation because it was brought from the song name to the arrangement. In addition, during that time, Re.V was removed from the group’s name and officially declared that it will be active as a Baby Vox.

This change in the group name, planned by the agency, was not welcomed by the public because the name Baby Vox was already known as the first generation of Baby VOX, a group that debuted in 1997. With the change of name Baby Vox Re.V and making the name exactly the same as Baby Vox which had already debuted earlier, this group did not get a positive reaction from its fans and instead received negative reactions and some of its fans turned into anti-fans.

Most of the fans also left and the company was in financial trouble. The number of tracks in the second album was poor and the quality of recording and arrangement was terrible. Oh Min-jin and Park So-ri, who were introduced as new members and did not have any part in the title song. Despite a long time with no promotion, there were reviews that the quality of the overall album and choreography was lower than the first album.

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Baby Vox Re.V didn’t release any new songs or albums, and ended up only releasing the 2nd album and promoting it shortly. DR Music was also silent after a long gap.

One year later, in 2009, Baby Vox Re.V’s member, Yang Eun-ji explained the rumors of a love affair with the football player Lee Ho, who is now her husband. Baby Vox Re.V has virtually ceased activities and has withdrawn and the team was officially confirmed to have disbanded through the member. The agency was silent to the fans even before Yang Eun-ji revealed the news herself.

In 2011, three years after BabyVox Re.V released their latest album, the group has virtually disappeared into history without further information on whether the group has disbanded or not. Then, DR Music debuted a new girl group, Rania, which is repeating the same behavior as Baby Vox Re.V, which can be said to be even more severe. After that, Rania disappeared into history in July 2020 and reorganized into Black Swan, making their debut in October of the same year.

Stage Performances

Baby Vox Re.V also briefly carried out their promotions after releasing several singles that were broadcast on TV music programs. Baby Vox Re.V was one of the girl groups who at that time, had performances with powerful and sexy choreography. Let’s take a look at more of Baby Vox Re.V’s performances below!

On February 23rd, 2007, Baby Vox Re.V who debuted with “Shee” did their promotions by bringing the song live. It can be heard well that the girl group members are dancing and singing live on stage. With the energetic “Shee” choreography and signature “hip dance,” the members look very charismatic and shine. Apart from that, there were also a number of back dancers at this performance to add to the hype and highlight the energetic choreography of Baby Vox Re.V.

On July 12th, 2008, Baby Vox Re.V returned with the release of their 2nd album. Their comeback song at that time was “I Believe” by presenting two new members, Park Sori and Oh Min-jin. Each member looked charismatic on the comeback stage of “I Believe.” In addition, this comeback also shows the aura of each member who looks more mature with the golden-white costumes they wear on stage to show their beauty.

Latest News

On July 16th, 2013, Han Ae-ri appeared on tvN’s news and spoke up about her recent situation. Han Ae-ri stopped her activities after an incident in which her life was at stake due to a side effect of plastic surgery in 2007.

In the past, Han Ae-ri had a complication from jaw correction surgery, and her artery burst and caused excessive bleeding. At that time, the bleeding did not stop, so Han Ae-ri barely crossed the dangerous pit after receiving a large amount of blood. One media reported, “Han Ae-ri is currently a student in the theater and film department at a university in Seoul, and is growing her dream of becoming a theater actor after taking a long absence from school.”

In addition, Han Ae-ri’s aide said, “I know that she was renamed about three years ago to erase the pain she suffered from plastic side effects in the past.” Through a telephone interview with the media, Han Ae-ri said, “It is something that I do not want to recall again,” and said, “I have plans to dream on the theater stage, but I do not intend to return to the entertainment industry.”

Han Ae-ri, who was a member of the first album, said that after leaving the group at the end of 2007, while undergoing plastic surgery, she caused major bleeding and was taken to the intensive care unit due to a large medical accident. Later, she announced that she would become a theater actress, but there is no news to say that.

In July 2007, according to the media, Yang Eun-ji and Lee Ho, who were born in 1984, have been growing in love since they first met at a meeting at the end of 2006. Yang Eun-ji started her singing activities at the beginning of 2007 and Lee Ho was playing in the Russian Pro League following the former national football team coach Dick Advocaat, so they did not get to meet often, but confirmed each other’s love through mini homages.

Baby Vox Live’s agency DR Music said, “Even at the company we knew about the relationship between the two at the beginning of this year, I can’t see them often because they are apart, but I know they are maintaining a good relationship,” was reported by Star News. Congratulatory comments, such as, “Please keep good love for a long time,” continued to pile up on Yang Eun-ji’s homepage at that time.

Yang Eun-ji and her boyfriend finally married in December 2009. Yang Eun-ji has also been quiet for a while after marriage and recently appeared on TV with her family. After 10 years of marriage, she already has three daughters which her first child was born in 2010.

When the news that football player Lee Ho and singer Yang Eun-ji are getting married on December 12th, 2009, was reported, people got interested in whether or not the group Baby Vox Re.V, to which Yang Eun-ji belongs to, will be disbanded. In response, an official from the agency said, “Yang Eun-ji said that she would withdraw from the group last year. As a result, Yang Eun-ji sent proof of the contents, and the court lawsuit is inevitable.”

The reason for Yang Eun-ji’s withdrawal is not yet known, but it is known that it is a conflict due to an internal problem. Some say Yang Eun-ji withdrew and Baby Vox Re.V has not been active since middle 2008. In addition, the agency said, “The rest of the members except Yang Eun-ji have been performing in Cambodia and other foreign countries until the first half of this year. It is also possible to recruit new members and form a new team with the rest of the members.”

Yang Eun-ji shared the reason why she quit working as a Baby Vox Re.V. The cable TV tvN entertainment program On-Site Talk Show Taxi, which aired on the evening of December 15th, 2015, was filled with a special feature of ‘Answer Yang Mae’ and Yang Eun-ji Yang’s appearance. On that day, Yang Eun-ji confessed her past when she was active as Baby Vox Re.V from 2007 to 2009, and then suddenly stopped broadcasting.

Yang Eun-ji said, “At the time, the entertainment industry life was different from what I thought,” she said. “I think it was because I was young. It was difficult to stay in the practice room for 8 to 9 hours daily. I wanted to find freedom,” Yang Eun-ji said. “I was stressed out physically and mentally,” and confessed, “I am sorry for the members who have been active with me.”

The other member of the group, Myung Sarang, who was the youngest of Baby Vox Re.V’s 1st album, broke the long blank after being newsless for a while and starred in the 2017 documentary film Dancing With Jikji under the name of Myung Sarang Agnes.

It is known through fans that Oh Min-jin is self-employed by opening a personal café after retiring from the entertainment industry.

Park Sori

The young Park Sori, who was introduced at the time of the 2nd album, married back-up dancer Hwang Yeon-kyung. The husband’s name is Choi Mo an 11-year entertainment worker who used to be singer Baek Ji-young’s manager. The two met for the first time with the introduction of Ahn Jin-kyung, a former member of the group To-Ya and currently active as a solo singer. They met each other in February 2011. The two, who have grown in love beautifully, decided to get married in January 2012 after a year of dating.

Park Sori was actually the only member of the Baby Vox Re.V line-up of the 3rd Baby Vox, the continuation girl group as Rania. Other members left the group when they decided to not renew their contracts with DR Music anymore. The members who were preparing for the third period together include Rania’s Korean members Riko, Dee, Thie, Thai member Joy, and Chinese member Lee Jo, whose official debut was lost while staying here. Eventually, the third period was canceled and Rania was formed after the members reorganized, but Park Sori could not join Rania in the end, and the members who entered instead of Park Sori were Jui, Sia, and Sam.

In April 2012, Park Sori’s aide told the media that “Park Sori is going to give birth in July and that Park Sori has entered the seventh month of pregnancy.” Her husband, Choi, told the media, “My wife (Park Sori) is delighted by the fact that she becomes a mother. It is reported that she plans to focus only on raising children after childbirth.”

In 2019, she appeared in KBS2’s Chuseok pilot program and announced her current status of turning to a yoga instructor. Seo Jang-hoon as the MC from the show has a mission to visit a family that has a grandmother at the age of 40. Park So-ri gave birth to her first child when she was 21 years old.

Park Sori said, “I came to Seoul to become a trainee and worked for four years. It was very difficult. It was hard financially and I still have manic depression and anxiety. Meeting people is uncomfortable and difficult. I also had a psychiatric consultation, but at a very young age I had to do what I was told I got a lot better while doing yoga.”

Currently, Park Sori is working as a yoga instructor and is doing yoga all day long from morning to late hours. Park Sori said, “I’m sorry for my mother, but there are parts that I am greedy about.”

Ahn Jin-kyung

Baby Vox Re.V’s leader, Ahn Jin-kyung debuted as a member of To-Ya in 2001, then debuted as a member of a Japanese girl group with three members, ZINIS in 2005, then following a new career path as Baby Vox Re.V’s member in 2007. But then she was battered out by the company under the slave contract lawsuit that prevails in DR Music for a fresh start then decided to become a solo career and move to another agency.

In 2010, Ahn Jin-kyung, from the girl group Baby Vox Re.V, made her debut as a solo singer. The title track of Ahn Jin-kyung’s mini-album The Bad Man was released on February 18th, 2010, and is a medium-tempo dance song with sad lyrics and was created by composer Oh Seong-hun, who wrote hit songs for popular artists such as K Will, Ok Joo-hyun, and Tei. Mir from the male group MBLAQ was in charge of the song’s rap feature and appeared in the music video.

The album also included dance songs such as “Because a Woman,” “How Gee,” and “Dazzle” that was written by Ahn Young-min, a composer who wrote songs for artists such as Ivy, SG Wannabe, and Davichi. The agency, WM Entertainment, said, “Ahn Jin-kyung has been active as the main vocal in a female group, and she has dance skills, so she will show her skills that she could not properly show in group activities.”

In August 2010, Ahn Jin-kyung tried acting for the first time through the music video of the title song “Love is Bad” for her second mini-album titled Be The Voice. Ahn Jin-kyung has released several music videos so far, but this is the first time the music video that used acting part with actor Park Jae-jung.

The “Love is Bad” music video is about the sad feelings of two people: a man and a woman who are suffering because they can’t forget each other even after a breakup. Director Joo Hee-seon who made DJ DOC’s “I am this kind of person,” “Oh, Yeah” by MBLAQ, “Bang” by After School, and “Saturday Night” by Son Dambi took the directing and captured it in a sensuous video.

Ahn Jin-kyung, who first challenged her acting skills through the title song “Love is Bad,” expressed her uncontrollable feelings with sad eyes after leaving her lover, and showed off her opponent Park Jae-jung with a hug scene. Even after the end, in gratitude for Park Jae-jung who appeared in the opposite role, Park Jae-jung remained at the scene until the filming was over, and monitored the music video.

In addition, Park Jae-jeong, who had a lot of extraordinary running scenes in black suits, was applauded by the people involved in the scene after shooting from early dawn to the end of the night despite the heat. Park Jae-jeong also gave advice on acting to Ahn Jin-kyung, who first tried acting, and after listening to the title song “Love is Bad,” he said, “It touches the lyrics and the melody, it is so good. I feel like it will work out.”

Ahn Jin-kyung said, “It was my first time acting, so I was nervous, but thanks to Park Jae-jung, I was able to finish the filming comfortably.”

After that, she appeared in JTBC’s entertainment program Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man Season 1 and the current status is that she is working as a model and actress. In 2010, she appeared in the drama Athena: Goddess of War, and in 2014, she also made an appearance in the MBC drama Dream Single Girl.

During the broadcast, Ahn Jin-kyung shed tears about how she promoted with the group, Baby Vox Re.V. Ahn Jin-kyung said, “We released our second album and received the Rookie Award, but we were very excited.” She confessed the story back then while promoting as a member of Baby Vox Re.V. Next, Ahn Jin-kyung said, “We really didn’t know anything. Until the last broadcast,” she said, “I didn’t even know it was the last broadcast,” and wept in tears.

Ahn Jin-kyung is also currently the branch manager of Eonju-ro, Gangnam, Seoul, of Body Friend, a healthcare professional, and a famous massage chair. Earlier, she was recognized for her ability by serving as the vice-president and public relations ambassador of the Yeoksam exhibition center, and appeared in various pictorials and commercials along with Body Friend model, Choo Sung-hoon.

Hwang Yeon-kyung Marriage

Hwang Yeon-kyung joined a girl group survival show in the 2019 trot contest program Miss Trot that was aired on TV Chosun. She participated in the show, but suffered the bad luck of having to go through total editing. It is said that Shinji of Koyote, who appeared as a judge for the show recognized Hwang Yeon-kyung and shed tears. Hwang Yeon-kyung’s broadcast, which had been completely edited, was released as an unbroadcast video through YouTube after the end of Miss Trot.

Currently, she is said to be living as a housewife after marrying her husband, who worked as a backup dancer for popular SM groups such as TVXQ and now their little family is completed by having one son. Hwang Yeon-kyung also shared about her marriage through Facebook by saying, “I caught a good day. I will be married on October 21st, 2012.” She also posted letters and gift photos for her prospective mother-in-law.

Well, that’s the complete information about Baby Vox Re.V and their career journey from the start of their debut to the end of their current career. Although there is no official statement about whether the group has been disbanded or not, with the news that each member is pursuing their own career outside of promotional activities as Baby Vox Re.V, you can say that the group that popularized “Shee” is no longer active. However, Baby Vox Re.V also deserve to be appreciated for their hard work and making it into K-Pop history. Let’s give our best support and extend our prayers for the personal life of every Baby Vox Re.V member!