Apink’s Hayoung Appearance (Law of the Jungle, Running Man, and Hardcore Gamers)


Everything You Need To Know About The Beautiful Youngest Member of Apink, Oh Ha-young

Oh Ha-young was born on July 19, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. She’s better known by the stage name Hayoung. During her school days, she attended Seoul Yangcheon District’s Shinwol Middle School, where she graduated in 2012, and School of Performing Arts Seoul, where she graduated in 2015. 

During seventh grade, she auditioned for Cube Entertainment, where she later became a trainee. Hayoung decided not to pursue college after high school so she couldconcentrate on Apink’s promotions. She is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actress, and is best known as a member of the South Korean girl-group, Apink.

In this article, Byeol Korea will tell you about Apink’s Hayoung appearances in a number of variety shows and her other side as a hardcore gamer! Don’t miss this article!

Apink’s Hayoung’s Appearances in Variety Shows


As a member of a famous girl group in South Korea, Hayoung has also starred in several South Korean variety shows. Thanks to the variety shows, her name became increasingly known by South Koreans. Let’s see what variety shows Hayoung has starred in, here!

Hayoung in Law of the Jungle


The South Korean entertainment industry is always interesting to explore. Since the Hallyu wave spread to various countries, one by one variety shows on television began to be known by everyone. One of the most popular is Law of the Jungle.

Under the guidance of comedian and jungle expert Kim Byung-man, a number of celebrities and idols were invited to adventure to the smallest locations in various countries. Not only were they tested for their survival skills, they also had to complete a number of challenges, hunt for food, and build shelters.

In 2016, Oh Ha-young joined the cast for the all-female edition of the SBS reality show Law of the Jungle, which took place in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea. In the episode, Hayoung gathered with female cast, with the theme “All Female”. The idol showed her enthusiasm in surviving in a forest by looking for food and making a place to take refuge. Hayoung was even stung by a scorpion.

Hayoung in Running Man


On June 14, 2017, Hong Jin-young, Son Yeo-eun, Lee Sun-bin, and Lee Tae-hwan, along with Apink’s Son Na-eun and O Ha-young, finished filming an episode of Running Man. The six guests competed in a couple’s race with the cast members of Running Man at a water park. The episode was aired on July 2, 2017. They were also challenged by the crew to dance PSY’s choreography of the song “New Face”. Running Man, starring Hayoung and Naeun is in episode 488. In this episode, Hayoung is paired with Seokjin while Naeun is with Yang Se-chan

Hayoung in Knowing Brothers


In Knowing Brothers episode 134, Apink was one of the guests invited to the program. They showed their ridiculous behavior with the cast of Knowing Brother. On the June 30th installment of the show, Hayoung spoke up, saying, “I have something to say to Heechul,” making everyone pay attention. He responded fearfully, “I took care of you on ‘Game Show’, didn’t I?”. However Hayoung continued, “I was unimportant to him. Heechul’s ideal type is a woman he’s seen for the first time. When he first meets you, he treats you really well, but when female guests come on, he would turn his back to me. I felt disappointed.”

Heechul explained, “We were close, so there was no reason for us to act. We were family,” but Hayoung joked, “How am I your family?”. 

Hayoung’s Filipino Ancestor

Amino Apps

Apink’s member Hayoung was rumored to have a Filipino grandmother and was therefore a quarter Filipino, but Hayoung clarified that this isn’t true in one of Apink’s V-lives.

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