Rumor About AOA Yuna’s Plastic Surgery, Before and After Debut Comparison Picture 2019


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AOA Seo Yuna Plastic Surgery

Seo Yuna, famously called Yuna, is now a part of AOA and its own sub-units, AOA Black along with AOA Lotion . She had been born in Busan on December 30, 1992. After she was 18, she travelled by Busan to Seoul to pursue her singing career. She moved schools and dwelt within her uncle’s area, so that she can practice singing, dance, and songs.

She mastered keyboard and piano within her practice with FNC Entertainment. With the increasing prevalence of AOA, Yuna started to get seen by lots of individuals. Her most noteworthy attributes are her lips and massive eyes. But when her previous photographs resurfaced, many of us started to speculate that these attributes were attained via plastic surgery. Yes, even plastic surgery is also a renowned practice with several idols. But can we actually say for everybody? Let us compare Yuna’s previous and current photos to discover!

Yuna’s Double Eyelid Surgery

aoa yuna plastic surgery

There have been a number of disagreements regarding Yuna’s eyes. Several have maintained that she’s undergone operation for her eyes although others say differently. Nonetheless, in the picture, Yuna’s eyes appear to appear bigger than previously. This can be brought about with her eye make-up, or twice eyelid operation, or perhaps both. Her eyes were big ever since she had been young, however the top lids didn’t have some depth. They were the standard Asian monolids. Before debuting, Yuna likely had dual lid operation done. From the following picture and the picture below, you can plainly see her top lids are somewhat profound and doubled rather than horizontal and mono.

Yuna’s Lips Injection

Who does not like girls with chubby lips? However, having lips which are plump frequently contributes to speculations of lips shots. Yuna has really the healthful and thick lips. It appears that she really has had lips. Inside her predebut picture, it is possible to see her lips were that way. And within her AOA days, the plumpness of her lips is much more highlighted with the support of all make-up. From time to time, her make-up makes her lips seem skinnier. In any event, I think Yuna’s lips are obviously plump.

Can It Be Cosmetic Dentistry or Natural Beauty?

With that said, we cannot fully say that Yuna attained her attributes throughout plastic surgery. There’s a big possibility that her eyes underwent a surgery, however, because of her lips, she still appears to have been born with that.

The ability of make-up can also be valuable for idols such as her. Make up may highlight or decrease any attributes that people enjoy or dislike. There’s a huge probability that the make-up artist employs make-up on elements of Yuna’s face which should stick out or become de-emphasized.

As an instance, there’s also been speculations of all rhinoplasty, however there’s truthfully not a lot of gaps inside her nose back then and today. It’s most likely only the shading of their nose which makes it seem like if she’s had her nose .

Growing up can be also an additional plausible motive for facial characteristic modifications. When we develop, our decorative features obviously alter. For a lot of individuals, they shed their’baby fat’. So did Yuna. She dropped baby fat round her nipples and lips, giving the place a thinner look at that time that she debuted. The arrangement of the bone across the region hardly changes, therefore there isn’t any operation occurring there.

That’s All About Rumor About AOA Yuna’s Plastic Surgery, Before and After Debut Comparison Picture 2019. I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.