AOA Seolhyun Doing Plastic Surgery? Let’s Check Her Picture Before and After Debut!


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Get to Know More AOA Seolhyun

As a popular female idol team member, the title ‘Seolhyun’ has to have been heard often by the lovers of K-pop. It is no wonder since her name is always mentioned in the polls and rankings, be it on celebrity, body goals, or attractiveness.

Thus, in this information, Byeol Korea will dig into some aspects of AOA Seolhyun, beginning from her predebut and plastic surgery, her prediet stage, her character, and her popularity.

Here is Information About AOA Seolhyun Before Debut and Plastic Surgery


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As you can see, Seolhyun effectively handles her body to become thinner and slimmer in comparison with her ancient days. We certainly have to redesign Seolhyun’s persistent effort because she now looks even more stunning and stunning, don’t you think so, dear readers?

The personality of AOA Seolhyun


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AOA’s Seolhyun is well known for her silent and serene demeanor, but do her attributes match her public image also? Well, according to fellow AOA members, Seolhyun is considered a caring individual. As with other individuals, Seolhyun also often feels anxious about problems she encounters but fortunately, she’s able to hide her anxieties very well.

In relation to Seolhyun’s character, among her classmates at the senior high school has disclosed Seolhyun’s true character on the internet forum, stating that unlike other popular idol team members who typically possess a disreputable past, Seolhyun has always been regarded as a good-hearted and considerate girl.

Unlike her innocent visual which can be misjudged as anything but an angelic and saint-like person, Seolhyun is an easy-going individual who did well when she was in senior high school. Seolhyun is everyone’s star as her classmates and teachers respect her well-mannered personality.

Not only do the members of AOA and her high school’s classmate such as her, but Seolhyun’s character is also revealed by the actors who have worked with her for the movie titled’Memoir of a Murderer’ which is released on September 2017.

The first actor is Seol Kyung Kyu who stated that Seolhyun is a pure-white man whom he believed needs to be more mature than her age because she has surfaced early within an idol band member. However, it was that while filming the film together, Seolhyun is just like anyone her age, showing an air of ingenious in a fantastic way.

The similar assertion also came from actor Kim Nam Gil whose character is Seolhyun’s fan in the film’Memoir of a Murderer’.   He said that his offender concerning Seolhyun who has the glamorous image for a performer on the stage has shifted if they acted to the same scenes since Seolhyun is really an idol turned celebrity whose appeal is similar to the colour of white.

How Popular is AOA Seolhyun?

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It’s hard to disregard AOA’s Seolhyun’s popularity as the’it’ woman in South Korea. Ever since she became the newest ambassador of G Marketplace, she’s famous for her signature pose of looking to the front while one of her hands is swaying to the audience.

She is also always involved in projects with numerous jobs, such as a model on magazine photoshoots, an actress on dramas and movies, and a plethora of unique songs shows and award ceremonies.

For that reason, it must be expected that Seolhyun’s worth is continually perking up from time to time, constantly placing in at least top five of whatever positions and surveys that have her name.

Though many men and women believe Seolhyun’s skyrocketing popularity as a result of the bureau’s social networking drama, we cannot ignore Seolhyun’s hardworking effort to enhance as a multi-talented entertainer from the Korean entertainment industry.

Hopefully, as time goes by, Seolhyun is going to have the ability to showcase herself in a different light to acquire a more positive reaction from the public, and she’ll always be loved by her fans.