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Produce x 101

Find Out More About Produce X 101

There are a lot of TV shows in South Korea, mostly they are all about the entertainment industry. There is a wide variety of genres, namely some of them are reality shows, some are survival shows, and many others. This time, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular survival shows, Produce X 101! Have you ever heard about it before? Byeol Korea will provide you with the details of the show, so make sure you read this article until the very last paragraph!

Basically, Produce X 101 his now into their 4th season. The 4th season was airing on Mnet in May 2019. The survival show was airing every Friday at 23.00 KST on Mnet. In the previous season, the trainees of the survival show were performing the title track and the debut track of Produce X 101. Do you want to know more about the show? In this article, Byeol Korea will share with you information about the famous survival show Produce X 101 and the details you need to know about the show!

General Information About Produce X 101

Produce x 101

This year marked the fourth season of Produce X 101. As we already said before, the last season fo this survival show started airing in May 2019. And also, following the previous seasons, Produce X 101 was aired every Friday on Mnet at 23:00 KST.

In the 4th season, Lee Dong-wook was appointed as the host of Produce X 101. Lee Dong-wook, with the rest of the coaches, such as Cheetah, Lee Suk-hoon, Shin Yoo-mi, and Kwon Jae-sung already met in the middle of training time with all of the trainees in Produce X 101, when the first shooting time already took place in March 2019.

Meanwhile, in the 4th season, Produce X 101 set to debut a boy group, after previously debuting the girl group I.O.I in 2016, the boy group Wanna One in 2017, and the girl group IZ*ONE in 2018.

And here’s the official poster of Produce X 101, the 4th season:

Produce X 101

The Staff Members

Produce x 101

Let’s find out more about the staff members of Produce X 101! And here’s the list:

List of Staff Members:

MC: Lee Dong-wook

Vocal Coach: Lee Seok-hoon, Shin Yoo-mi and Soyou (one-day vocal trainer)

Rap Coach: Cheetah

Dance Coach: Kwon Jae-sung, Bae Yoon-jeong, and Choi Young-jun

List of X1 Members:

  1. Kim Yo-han
  2. Son Dong-pyo
  3. Lee Eun-sang
  4. Kim Woo-seok
  5. Lee Han-gyul
  6. Han Seungwoo
  7. Nam Do-hyun
  8. Song Hyeong-jun
  9. Cha Jun-ho
  10. Cho Seung-youn
  11. Kang Min-hee

List of Contestants Eliminated In The Final Episodes:

  1. Song Yuvin
  2. Lee Jin-hyuk
  3. Kim Min-kyu
  4. Koo Jung-mo
  5. Lee Se-jin
  6. Keum Dong-hyun
  7. Ham Won-jin
  8. Hwang Yun-seong
  9. Tony

List of Contestants Eliminated In The Third Turn:

  1. Kim Kook-heon
  2. Kang Hyeon-su
  3. Lee Jin-woo
  4. Kim Si-hun
  5. Kim Dong-yun
  6. Choi Su-hwan
  7. Lee Hyeop
  8. Ju Chang-uk
  9. Park Sun-ho
  10. Kim Hyeon-bin

List of Contestants Eliminated In The Second Turn:

  1. Moon Hyun-bin
  2. Won Hyuk
  3. Kwon Tae-eun
  4. Kang Seok-hwa
  5. Baek Jin
  6. Lee Woo-jin
  7. Choi Jun-seong
  8. Hong Seong-jun
  9. Kwon Hui-jun
  10. Lee Mi-dam
  11. Kim Dong-bin
  12. Lee Won-jun
  13. Kim Min-seo
  14. Han Gi-chan
  15. Won Hyuk
  16. Yun Jung-hwan
  17. Wei Zi Yue
  18. Park Yun Sol
  19. Lee Tae-sung
  20. Wang Jyun-hao
  21. Kwon Tae-eun
  22. Jeong Jae-hoon
  23. Kim Sung-hyun
  24. Mahiro Hidaka
  25. Woo Je-won
  26. Moon Jun-ho
  27. Kang Seok-hwa
  28. Park Yu-ri
  29. Kim Sung-yeon
  30. Peak Kongthap
  31. Lee Yoo-jin
  32. Nam Dong-hyun

The Contestants of Produce X 101

Produce x 101

And here are the top 30 contestants of Produce X 101 in the 4th season!

Kim Yo-han

Kim Yo-han

Birth Name: Kim Yo-han

Date of Birth: September 22nd, 1999

Company: OUI Entertainment

Weight/Height: 66 kg/181 cm

Kim Woo-seok

Kim Woo-seok

Birth Name: Kim Woo-seok

Date of Birth: October 27th, 1996

Company: TOP Media

Weight/Height: 58 kg/173 cm

Han Seung-woo

Han Seung-woo

Birth Name: Han Seung-woo

Date of Birth: December 24th, 1994

Company: Plan A

Weight/Height: 63 kg/182 cm

Song Hyeong-jun

Song Hyung-jun

Birth Name: Song Hyung-jun

Date of Birth: November 30th, 2002

Company: Starship Entertainment

Weight/Height: 55 kg/174 cm

Cho Seung-youn

Cho Seung-youn

Birth Name: Cho Seung-youn

Date of Birth: August 5th, 1996

Company: Yuehua Entertainment

Weight/Height: 68 kg/186 cm

Son Dong-pyo

Son Dong-pyo

Birth Name: Son Dong-pyo

Date of Birth: September 9th, 2002

Company: DSP Media

Weight/Height: 48 kg/166 cm

Lee Han-gyul

Lee Han-gyul

Birth Name: Lee Han-gyeol

Date of Birth: December 7th, 1999

Company: MBK Entertainment

Weight/Height: 69 kg/176 cm

Nam Do-hyun

Nam Do-hyun

Birth Name: Nam Do-hyun

Date of Birth: November 10th, 2004

Company: MBK Entertainment

Weight/Height: 62 kg/180 cm

Cha Jun-ho

Cha Jun-ho

Birth Name: Cha Jun-ho

Date of Birth: July 9th, 2002

Company: Woollim Entertainment

Weight/Height: 63 kg/178 cm

Kang Min-hee

Kang Min-hee

Birth Name: Kang Min-hee

Date of Birth: September 27th, 2002

Company: Starship Entertainment

Weight/Height: 60 kg/182 cm

Lee Eun-sang 

Lee Eun-sang

Birth Name: Lee Eun-sang

Date of Birth: October 26th, 2002

Company: Brand New Music

Weight/Height: 63 kg/179 cm

Kim Min-kyu

Kim Min-kyu

Birth Name: Kim Min-kyu

Date of Birth: March 12th, 2001

Company: Starship Entertainment

Weight/Height: 62 kg/183 cm

Koo Jung-mo

Ko Jung-moo

Birth Name: Ko Jung-moo

Date of Birth: February 5th, 2000

Company: Starship Entertainment

Weight/Height: 58 kg/181 cm

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