All You Need to Know About Former Sistar, Dasom (Show, Beauty Tips, House Tour, and Latest News)


Dasom’s Cloth Collection

When showing her clothing collections, Dasom said that she likes clothes that are dark and simple. She also said that she likes neat clothes. She showed her dresses and casual clothes collection.

Latest News About Dasom

The former member of Sistar, Dasom made her fans worried after crying during a live broadcast on Instagram. On June 13th, this former SISTAR member held a live broadcast through her Instagram account.

But how shocked the fans were when they saw the broadcast, because, at that time, Dasom was seen lying in bed while crying. At the end of the broadcast, Dasom told fans, “Don’t worry about me,” which she said in English. Even so, her fans still feel worried about her and hope she doesn’t feel sad anymore.

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