All You Need to Know About Former Sistar, Dasom (Show, Beauty Tips, House Tour, and Latest News)


Dasom’s Beauty Tips

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One thing that SISTAR’s youngest member, Dasom, placed her focus on was the importance of lip balm. Dasom said that the secret to having fertile lips is by providing them with extensive lip care! She uses lip balm whenever she can throughout the day and every day. It turns out that even wearing it before going to sleep will be very helpful. Maybe that’s why the color of her lips always looks right!

Dasom’s favorite lip balm this season is the Carmex’s Lip Balm Jar Original Formula. The extensive treatment and cooling effect is Dasom’s lip balm for summer! However, not every lip balm is made for every type of lips. If you see your lips cracked due to dry weather, try Innisfree’s Moisture Lip Treatment, which has essential oils and balms that are perfect for locking moisture to get shiny, plump lips. All girls sometimes have problematic skin! If your lips suffer from skin problems, try Honey Cera Repair Lip Balm from Etude House. The natural ingredients and the honey will help you soothe your lips perfectly.

One of Dasom’s secrets of looking innocent, even when you choose to also appear sexy, is all about the eyebrows. Dasom would rather have more attention on her eyebrows than her actual eyes. Apparently, thick eye make-up makes her eyes smaller! To get the eye effect of a female deer, we want to keep it big and curious. That’s why Dasom prefers eyebrows to those that are bare at least in the eyes. The secret to perfect Dasom eyebrows is to color all the empty spots on your eyebrows, while it’s not excessive. With light brown color, Dasom lightly rushed in to fill the void, giving it a sharp appearance, while keeping her eyes looking plain with no make-up on.

When we put our faces on, we want them to stay on! Clio’s Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil is your solution for maintaining that perfect eyebrow during a humid summer. The gel pencil rotates smoothly, while it lasts all day. Remember to brush your eyebrows with the other end of the pencil. That will give your brows a more natural look. But for those who understand make-up and are obsessed with challenges, try Tony Moly’s Easy Touch Cake Eyebrows. This kit says it’s easy, but without a pencil design like Clio, you have to be extra careful when drawing the lines of your eyebrows!

The last trick for Dasom’s distinctive appearance is her thick, red lips. Dasom tells us that although red lips are popular among western cultures, the bright red color reminds her of the lip stains that women used to wear in ancient Korea. Instead of using dark red, Dasom prefers soft red with a hint of pink. With a combination of red lips, full eyebrows, and a little eye make-up, Dasom completes her distinctive look!

For those of you who are looking for an easy roll-on that will last all day long, we recommend The Face Shop’s Ink Gel Stick. Bold red color pops out while weakening the heavy one with a soft orange tone. This gel also glides on, giving your lips a full moisture look that has just been applied! Another lipstick that we recommend is the famous Clio’s Virgin Kiss Tension Lip. Famous for being used in the Pony’s Taylor Swift make-up tutorial, this lipstick glides on and locks the perfect lips of Dasom!

Dasom’s House Tour

Tribun Jatim –

In the Heart A Tag program, Dasom showed the viewers all the parts in her house. Starting from her room, she showed the composition of her bedroom. Then, she began to explore several rooms. There is a fish aquarium filled with ornamental fish, she also introduced the types of ornamental fish. After that, she showed some of her perfume collection. She also showed space to relax with a place she spent time watching television. After coming from the TV room, Dasom invited to show the clothes room. She showed us the collection of clothes she has. Then she showed her shoe collection.

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