Full of Creative Content, Let’s Check Out AKMU Suhyun’s Youtube Channel Mochipeach!



AKMU Suhyun as idol-blogger

Let’s Check Out AKMU Suhyun’s Youtube Channel Mochipeach!

Many Korean Idols have become Youtubers instead, have started being active on variety show programs, or are working out with their music. There are a lot of reasons for this kind of transition, one of them is their interaction with fans. There are a lot of inactive idols, who are more active on youtube these days, and one of them is Lee Suhyun from Akdong Musician. Let’s find out more about her story.

YouTube Content Suhyun About Make-up

AKMU Suhyun and makeup

Lee Suhyun, along with his brother Lee Chan-hyuk, is a member of the duo Akdong Musician that debuted in 2012. However, Akdong Musician is currently on hiatus due to Lee Chan-hyuk enlistment for his military service, beginning from September 18th, 2017. AKMU’s Suhyun is currently active as a solo artist and entertainer. Suhyun has also become a beauty blogger and is active in many beauty shows on Korean TV cable channels.

Suhyun’s Appearance on tvN’s Get it Beauty

Suhyun joined tvN’s Get It Beauty 2018 as an MC panel with model and TV personality Jang Yoon-joo, stereotype-breaking trendsetter Moon Ga-bi, social media star Kim Soo-mi, and Weki Meki’s Kim Do-yeon. There are three segments on the show, one for recommending new items with analysis from experts, one for recommending beauty techniques, and one where beauty influencers review new products in a live broadcast. A beauty blogger can actually win a monetary prize for the best beauty tip.

Suhyun’s Youtube Channel, Mochipeach

AKMU Suhyun as mochipeach

Suhyun opened her Youtube channel called Mochipeach on June 2nd, 2018, along with her first video tutorial as a beauty blogger. Suhyun’s first video was about her daily routine makeup, she also showed her cosmetic collection, and her skin care products that she uses daily. Even though she is the young age of 19, Suhyun is not afraid to show off her make-up skills to the public worldwide, especially her fans.

What Kind of Videos Has She Posted?

Mochipeach Suhyun

As a Youtube blogger, Suhyun mostly shares her make-up tips and tricks on her Youtube channel. Suhyun has shown different make-up styles that are suitable with her look but also with the weather conditions. In the video titled “Get Ready With Me,” she shared her preparation before going out to an event. There is a tutorial video of her preparation before going to a GD concert in summer. There are also a lot of make-up tutorials that Suhyun has shared on her channel.

Suhyun has not only shared her make-up tutorials, but also her daily life. Suhyun has uploaded a video about her diet and exercise routine to maintain her figure. Her first video shows her when she is preparing her figure for a drama appearance by exercising at the gym.


Currently inactive as a singer has not stopped her from singing as Suhyun has uploaded a lot of cover song videos. Her first cover is of iKON’s “Best Friend.” The corner looks like a radio program with DJ Mochipeach Suhyun.

Suhyun has created a lot of corners to entertain her fans and also to maintain her active status as a Youtube blogger. There are ASMR corners where she has recorded her eating sounds.

Check out AKMU Suhyun Youtube channel, Mochipeach, for stay updated with AKMU Suhyun’s activity and more creative content.


Netizens’ Reaction

Netizen reaction to AKMU Suhyun mochipeach

The public is waiting for Suhyun to make a comeback as a solo artist. Fans are in shock because of Suhyun’s decision to become a blogger rather than come back with a new song project. However, fans are happy to see her active as a blogger because it seems there won’t be any comeback plans for Suhyun as a solo artist or even as a duo in the near future.

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