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The Remarkable Actor Song Kang-ho Profile, Wife, Acting With Hollywood Stars, Best Movies, Etc

Song Kang-ho
Song Kang-ho

The South Korean Prominent Actor Who Was an Incredible Cast in Parasite and Snowpiercer

Song Kang-ho is a South Korean actor with a charismatic and strong aura. He has been known for his roles in popular movies such as Parasite, Taxi Driver, The Host, and Snowpiercer. Moreover, Song Kang-ho has been awarded Best Actor various times such as Best Supporting Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and recently Grand Prize (Daesang) from Golden Cinema Film Festival in 2021. Let’s check out his best movie roles, family, and more in the Byeol Korea article below! Stay tuned!

Song Kang-ho Full Profile

Song Kang-ho

Name: Song Kang-Ho (Hangul: 송강호)

Born: Gimhae, January 17, 1967

Height: 180cm

10 Song Kang-ho Fun Facts You Never Knew Before

  1. Song Kang-ho graduated from Busan Kyungsang College.
  2. He started his career in film as a supporting actor in minor roles.
  3. He played a minor role in Green Fish.
  4. He created a syndrome from his role in No. 3.
  5. Song Kang-ho is popular as one of the best character actors in South Korea.
  6. He ranked 6 in the “25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century” by The New York Times.
  7. Song Kang-ho debuted as an actor in The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well in 1996.
  8. He wanted to be an actor since eighth grade.
  9. He was caught drunk while driving with an alcohol content of 0.095% which resulted in him being suspended for 100 days.
  10. Song Kang-ho received Gallup Korea’s Film Actor award four times.

Song Kang-Ho Family Wife and Two Children

Song Kang-ho married Hwang Jang-suk in 1995. They are happily married with one son and one daughter who are Song Jun-pyoung and Ju-yeon. Their son, Song Jun-pyoung, is a former football player for Suwon Samsung Bluewings.

List of Best Movies of Song Kang-ho You Can’t Get Rid Of!

Song Kang-ho exploded South Korean films with his roles. He succeeded in getting awards and other achievements in acting. Check the list of best movies of Song Kang-ho below!

Song Kang-ho Becomes an Incompetent Detective in Memories of Murder

Song Kang-ho acted as Park Doo-man who is a local detective working to solve a series of murders that happened in October 1986. He had never met serious cases before and even determines suspects by eye contact only. During the movie, his clumsy character develops into a better detective day by day to find the culprit. However, the movie which is based on a true story brought crime thrillers into international recognition in 2003.

Song Kang-ho Becomes a Security Specialist on a Global Warming Train in Snowpiercer

When the world deals with bizarre climate change because of global warming, a train that travels around the globe becomes the only place human life can survive. The train is divided by unfair segregation so the tail passengers initiate an attack movement towards the front train.

Song Kang-ho becomes Namgoong Miso, the security specialist on the train. He shows a different vision towards the leader of the attacking movement. Namgoong wants to go outside instead of control the train. Song Kang-ho admitted that he found difficulty working with foreigners who couldn’t speak Korean. However, he enjoyed it, and it made it fun.

Song Kang-ho Excitingly Worked With Hollywood Star Chris Evans

In the movie Snowpiercer, Chris Evans becomes the leader of the attack movement to control the front train. Song Kang-ho had the opportunity to work with the actor that is known as Captain America, Chris Evans, along with other Hollywood stars including Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Jammie Bell, Octavia Spencer, and Ewen Bremner.

Song Kang-ho expressed his excitement about doing this project with international talents. Although he was the only one who speaks Korean in the movie, he found that it was still fun to do despite all the challenges and strangeness.

When Song Kang-ho was asked about his starstruck experience on this project, he revealed that he was already a fan of Chris Evans. This was an inspiring and marvelous learning experience for him.

Song Kang-ho Becomes Both Hero and Killer in Parasite

In the movie Parasite, Song Kang-ho becomes Kim Ki-taek, a man of a poor family consisting of his wife, daughter, and son. The movie stars Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Jang Hye-jin, and Lee Jung-eun. They live in a small semi-basement with their main income being from part-time pizza package folding. Kim Ki-taek as a father doesn’t have a fixed income, and he is jobless. One day, his son’s friend from university gives them a Scholars Rock which is believed to bring wealth. Then, the family actually receives a fortune after his son agrees to replace his friend in an English tutor job for a wealthy family.

Later on, all of the poor family members one by one become employees in that wealthy family and pretend to not know each other. Song Kang-ho pretends to be a professional chauffeur for the family. They succeed in deceiving the wealthy family and suck their money with their dissemblance trick. Kim Ki-taek becomes the leader of managing his family members’ movements to get it to work. He is finally able to give his family a better life. Unfortunately, the good life is quick to change after a sudden tragedy happens. Kim Ki-taek decides to help his family out of a problem and sacrifices his life.

His character Kim Ki-taek is so strong and memorable which makes Parasite more interesting. We recommend watching Song Kang-ho in this movie!

Song Kang-ho as an Ordinary Driver Trapped at a Political Event in Taxi Driver

Song Kang-ho acted as Kim Man-seob who is a father of an eleven-year-old daughter in a small house. He just works as an ordinary Seoul taxi driver who is uninterested in political issues. One day, he meets a foreigner who intends to visit Gwangju for his work. Without knowing it at the time, Gwangju is under political crisis. Kim Man-seob still took the job because of the temptation of the money he would receive.

The straightforward, clumsy, and emotional but helpful personality of Kim Man-seob brings this movie a colorful nuance. Besides, he also got Best Actor for Taxi Driver at the 2017 Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 2017 Seoul Awards for this movie.

Song Kang-ho and Director Bong Joon-ho Friendship and Massively Successful Movies

Song Kang-ho and Director Bong Joon-ho had history before working together for the movies The Host, Memories of Murder, Parasite, and Snowpiercer. Long before Song Kang-ho was about to start his acting career, he applied to be an actor where Bong Joon-ho was the assistant director, but he failed the audition. At that time, Song Kang-ho sent a message for Bong Joon-ho stating, “I’d like to work on a movie with you one day.”

After years, Bong Joon-ho became a director, and he later offered Song Kang-ho a role in Memories of Murder in 2003 which he then accepted. The rest is history. They became a match in Bong Joon-ho’s movie and succeed together in Parasite.

Song Kang-ho and Gong Yoo Teased Each Other After The Age of Shadows

Song Kang-ho and Gong Yoo were working together on the thriller movie The Age of Shadows in 2016. This movie is about Korean fighters, the Heroic Corps, beating the Japanese occupation which took place in the 1920s era. They became the main roles in the movie which was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.

In their interview promotion for The Age of Shadows, Song Kang-ho revealed that Gong Yoo never did staff dinners during the project shooting. Gong Yoo clarified that he never bought any meals for him because Song Kang-ho was always doing it first. They teased each other during the broadcast of MBC’s Entertainment Relay.

Brad Pitt Fanboying Over Song Kang-ho After Parasite

Brad Pit admitted that he is a fan of Song Kang-ho when they met up after the AFI (American Film Institute) Awards in 2020. They were spotted shaking hands and smiling heavily while looking at each other. It was found out that Brad Pitt immensely loved his acting in the movie Parasite.

They were at the AFI Awards 2020 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for receiving special awards. Other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper were there, too.

Song Kang-Ho Chosen as a Korean Judge at The Cannes International Film Festival in 2021

After all the awards and achievements he received, Song Kang-ho was selected as one of the jury members at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in 2021. He was marked as the first Korean actor and the fifth Korean jury at The Cannes Film Festival. What an incredible achievement!

For the record, Director Shin Sang-ok, Lee Chang-dong, Jeon Do-yeon, and Park Chan-wook were South Koreans who were part of the jury of The Cannes Film Festival before.

That’s all about Song Kang-ho’s profile, best movies, wife, etc. We can’t wait to see his next acting project! Don’t forget to always support Song Kang-ho and his activity in movies. So, which movie do you like the most from Song Kang-ho? Put your comment below. We want to read your opinion!