Korean-Born Hollywood Actor Lee Ki-hong Full Profile, Net Worth, Maze Runner, Wife

Lee Ki-hong
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The Asian-American Actor Who Refuses To Change His Korean Name for a Hollywood Career!

Lee Ki-hong is an Asian-American actor who has been successful in Hollywood. He started his career playing minor roles in many TV shows, movies, and he has even appeared as a voice actor. He became more popular after his role as Minho in The Maze Runner which has bold and surviving characters. The journey of his acting career in Hollywood was anything but easy, yet he managed to make his dream come true. Let’s check out Lee Ki-hong’s profile in this Byeol Korea article below. Stay tuned!

Lee Ki-hong Full Profile, Age, Birthday

Lee Ki-hong

Full Name: Lee Ki-hong (Hangeul: 이기홍 )

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, September 30th, 1986

Nationality: American

Height: 180 cm

Zodiac: Libra

10 Lee Ki-hong Fun Facts

1. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley majoring in psychology.

2. He moved to Auckland, New Zealand when he was six years old with his family.

3. He moved again to Los Angeles at eight years old and grew up there.

4. Lee Ki-hong graduated from the University of California in 2008.

5. He has been working on his acting talent since middle school and has done skits in church retreats.

6. In the beginning, he wanted to be a teacher, but after watching Aaron Yoo in Disturbia he changed his mind.

7. He has even worked at sundubu chigae restaurants, Tofu Village of his family in Little Tokyo.

8. He joined the movie Maze Runner series with Will Poulter.

9. Lee Ki-hong was active in organizations while in university like Association Student of the University of California.

10. Lee Ki-hong is Korean-American with American nationality.

Lee Ki-hong Appeared in the TV Show Modern Family

Lee Ki-hong played a minor role as a busboy. Modern Family is a drama portraying three different families in Los Angeles in their daily lives and conflicts, of the comedy genre. This drama has been aired from 2009 till 2020.

Although he only appeared in a tiny scene, this was his first step on the path to building his acting career. Lee Ki-hong appeared in Episode 9 of Modern Family Season 2, on November 24th, 2010.

Lee Ki-hong Amazing Acting in the TV Show Victorious

Lee Ki-hong played Clayton in the TV Show Robarazzi Victorious in 2010. He was an extra in this TV Show, however, it was an important appearance leading to his debut in the entertainment industry. Victorious is an American sitcom where a teenager who is an aspiring singer goes to a performing arts high school named Hollywood Arts High School with school and friends conflict.

Lee Ki-hong Impeccable Acting in the Hollywood Movie Maze Runner

Lee Ki-hong’s breakthrough role came about with his involvement in the film adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner as Minho. This movie has three series: The Maze Runner (2014), Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015), Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018).

This movie is about Thomas who loses his memory and is trapped with other people in the maze called the Glade. He and his new friends find out an escape from the maze after learning that they are part of an experiment.

Playing as Minho, the head runner, in the series Maze Runner led him into fame and a successful career. Minho is one of the important roles in the movie who has strong leadership skills, is fearless, and deals with plenty of challenges to survive.

Lee Ki-hong admitted that being able to get on this path was a hard journey, he has been rejected many times on casting auditions. He was convinced by one of the casting directors to try the leading role of Maze Runner and finally got the role.

Lee Ki-hong with Will Poulter in a Maze Runner Discussion

Lee Ki-hong and his castmate in Maze Runner Will Poulter became like family after the shooting of the series of this movie. They have been together for five years to complete all the scenes of the movies.

Lee Ki-hong and Will Poulter, cast as Gally in these survival movies, made a video of them doing commentary on some viral videos. Look at their comments in the video above.

Lee Ki-hong Net Worth

Lee Ki-hong has had quite an up and down career journey in Hollywood. He came from South Korea to New Zealand and then tried casting from minor to the main role. It is estimated that Lee Ki-hong’s net worth is around 5 million. Furthermore, it could be more since he has been doing various things and just released his new mini-series Mr. Soulmate where he plays the leading role, but is also a director and producer.

What an achievement!

Lee Ki-hong Wife, Daughter and Love Story

Lee Ki-hong on the reality show, Master in The House revealed jokingly that his first love is basketball. However, he first met his wife, Hayoung Choi, in elementary school. Then they reunited again in college, started dating, and got married. They got married when The Maze Runner was released and became successful. Lee Ki-Hong and Hayoung Choi got married on March 7th, 2015.

Lee Ki-hong wasn’t concerned about his decision to marry Hayoung Choi. He chose her as she had already known him since a little child and loved him for who he is and not because of his popularity.

Hayoung Choi is also an actress. They have two children: an adopted girl named Sophia, and a daughter born in late 2016. On his Instagram, Le Ki-hong often shares his activities and daily life with his family.

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