Multi-talented Actor Lee Joon-ki is a Singer Too? Let’s Find Out More About His Albums!


Lee Joon-gi was born on April 17th, 1982, in Busan, South Korea. He is a South Korean actor, singer, dancer, and model. He rose to fame with his first leading role playing a clown in the film The King and the Clown (2005). Since then, he has starred in the television series My Girl (2005), Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), Iljimae (2008), Arang and the Magistrate (2012), Gunman in Joseon (2014), Scholar Who Walks The Night (2015), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) and Lawless Lawyer (2018).

Lee Joon-gi first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a performance of Hamlet. He moved to Seoul with a dream to work in the entertainment industry rather than getting into college. For the next couple of years, Lee worked at various part-time jobs before he got accepted into the Seoul Institute of the Arts. He debuted as a model in 2001.

Lee Joon-gi had his first major acting role in the 2005 film The King and the Clown, in which he played the historical figure Gong-gil, an effeminate clown in the Joseon Dynasty. The film, which achieved both critical and commercial success, propelled the then-unknown actor into Asia-wide stardom. Apart from winning numerous Best Newcomer recognitions at the Korean Film Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and Baeksang Art Awards, Lee Joon-gi also won the Best Actor Award at the Max Movie Awards.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about South Korean Actor Lee Joon-gi career who is also known as a singer too. So, stay tuned!


My Jun, My Style is the first single album by Lee Joon-gi. He released his mini-album My Jun, My Style on April 26th, 2007, which contains three ballads, which he wrote primarily for his fans at the Episode 1 fan meeting on May 21st, 2006. In addition, this release comes with a DVD containing special footage of Lee Joon-gi’s visits around Asia and behind-the-scenes footage. The photo album offers a first look at Lee Joon-gi’s highly anticipated upcoming film Virgin Snow, which co-stars Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki. In a poll by the music website Jukeon that asked: “Who will be the most popular if they release an album?” Lee Joon-gi ended up being in first place with 66% of the votes.

The My Jun Collection which was released on August 16th, 2006, comes with such essential gifts as a special Lee Joon-gi standing base figure as well as a special USB kit accessory. The set’s 256 MB USB allows fans to access 3 special songs including the principal track’s MV plus the exclusive making of and photo material. Also included in this edition is the My Jun manual.


  1. One Word (한마디만)
  2. Don’t Know Love (사랑을 몰라)
  3. Foolish Love (바보사랑)

Then, in the same year, Lee Joon-gi released a single again; Nam Hyun-joon – One & Only with the track list “Fly High” feat. Seo In-young.


J Style is the second single album by Lee Joon-gi, which he produced with musician Kim Hyung-suk. The album consists of 4 new songs including the 3 songs from his previous album My Jun, My Style. One of the songs, “Selfless Dedicated Trees” was written by Lee Joon-gi for his fans at the Episode II ‘Mask’ fan meeting in April 2009. J Style had rushed to the 1st rank in the Hanteo and Mnet charts within the first week the album was released on April 21st.

No. Title
1. J Style
2. “혼잣말” (Honjatmal)
3. “I’m Ready”
4. “아낌없이 주는나무” (akkimeopsi juneunnamu)
5. “한마디만” (hanmadiman)
6. “사랑을 몰라” (sarangeul molla)
7. “바보사랑” (Babosarang)
8. “혼잣말” (instrumental)



In March 2012, Lee Joon-gi released his Japanese single “Deucer,” which claimed the #1 spot on the Oricon Chart. One of the songs in his third mini-album includes the Korean version of “Deucer,” out of a total of four tracks. The album comes along with a mini photo book and special video footage. This album was released on March 16th, 2012 (limited edition) and April 25th, 2012 (regular edition).


  1. “Together”
  2. “The Rain”
  3. “Born Again”
  4. “Sweet Memory”


CBC, which stands for Case by Case, is the actor’s first release in Korea since “Deucer,” which was released early on January 29th, 2013. For CBC, Lee Joon-gi worked with Mad Soul Child’s, Lee Sang-yeol, and Seo Taiji Band’s Lee Shin-ho. The project contains five tracks in total, which is quite a lot of tracks for a single album, including the title song “Lost Frame.”


  1. “The Answer (Intro)”
  2. “Tonight”
  3. “Case By Case”
  4. “Closer”
  5. “Lost Frame”

Lee Joon-gi released a mini-album on December 10th, 2013. The mini-album includes two new songs and three remakes. “My Dear” is a medium tempo R&B ballad that highlights the actor’s soft voice, while the other new song “Fever” depicts a vintage, disco fusion. Remake songs “The Giving Tree,” “Fiery Eyes,” and “Stupid Love” will also reflect the actor’s ability to digest different song styles.


  1. “Fever”
  2. “My Dear”
  3. “Fiery Eyes (New ver.)”
  4. “Foolish Love (New ver.)”
  5. “Selfless Dedicated Tree (New ver.)”


Lee Joon-gi made a comeback with the release of a brand new mini-album titled EXHALE on November 21st, 2014, in Korea and Japan. Each one of the songs included in EXHALE was personally chosen by the actor himself, and he was also involved in producing them as well. Lee Joon-gi worked with the same producer he had been collaborating with for many years, Mad Soul Child, in order to create a charming album that perfectly combines electronic sound with the actor’s deep emotions. The name of the mini-album, EXHALE, means to breathe out. Lee Joon-gi thought of the idea that it expresses the message of emotion, sincerity, and energy being exhaled, just like breathing.


  1. “Ma Lady”
  2. “U”
  3. “For A While”
  4. “Bring Da Beat” (Feat. Yoo Seung-chan)
  5. “Ma Lady (Inst.)”
  6. “For A While (Inst.)”

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