Complete List of Actor Who Has Best Chemistry with Ji Chang-wook, Can You Guess?

ji chang wook & nam ji hyun

Learn More About The Chemistry Between Ji Chang-wook and Some of His Co-workers in K-Drama!

Who was craving for Ji Chang-wook’s every details of his update? This article might be great for you, since we would loved to talking about Ji Chang-wook! He has been amazed people, especially his fans through some of his hit drama such as The K2, Healer, Suspicious Partner, Empress Ki, and many more! But, which one the actress who you shipped the most with Ji Chang-wook? Byeol Korea will explain you the details about their chemistry, so stay tuned!

Basically, Ji Chang-wook has been starred with a lot of actress, whether they were in the same age as him, younger one or the older one. In every K-Drama and its own plot, people got their euphoria while seen Ji Chang-wook’s chemistry with certain actress, and not a few people who hope that they might be a couple in real life. Who are they? Let’s find out together! Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you Ji Chang-wook and some of his co-workers in K-Drama who would made you shipped them as well!

Ji Chang-wook with Oh Ji-eun in Smile Again

ji chang wook & oh ji eun

First, we have Smile Again from Ji Chang-wook and Oh Ji-eun! In this drama, we could seen that both of them was looking young and fresh just like teenager, right? Ji Chang-wook was roled as Carl Laker / Dong-Hae who came from America before his return to South Korea with his ice skating team, meanwhile Oh Ji-eun was roled as Lee Bong-yi, a kind chef hotel.

Carl Laker used to had a relationship with his girlfriend Yoon Sae-wa (Park Jung-ah), before he knows the real attitude of her, who actually underestimate Dong Hae oftenly. And surprisingly, even though Ji Chang-wook’s character in this drama used to had a girlfriend, turns out that people most likely the chemistry between Carl Laker and Lee Bong-yi instead! Moreover, Lee Bong-yi was the first one who had helped Carl Laker in South Korea, and also helped him to looking after for his father, and settled in South Korea.

Lots of sweet moments between Ji Chang-wook and Oh Ji-eun mostly happened after Ji Chang-wook’s character went back to South Korea. Carl Laker learn a lot of things from Lee Bong-yi who taught him how to be a good chef, meanwhile also help him to found out his father in South Korea. And finally, they got their own happiness with tied the knot and held a marriage party.

Here are the movie poster of Smile Again:

Smile Again

Here are some of romantic moments between Ji Chang-wook and Oh Ji-eun in Smile Again:

smile again
Smile Again

Ji Chang-wook with Shin Hyun-bin in Warrior Baek Dong-soo

ji chang wook & shin hyun bin

We’re moving on to the kind of historical drama, Warrior Baek Dong-soo! This is kind of historical and political drama, Ji Chang-wook was roled as Baek Dong-soo, meanwhile Shin Hyun-bin was roled as Yoo Ji-seon. And as much as historical drama out there, the setting was using Joseon Dynasty setting.

Baek Dong-soo was famously known as a great warrior in his village. Since he was a child, he has been practicing martial arts until he grown up, his ability becoming more huge and being one of his great skills. Yoo Ji-seon was a daughter of a minister who also has relation with the King’s family at that time, she also keep a secret through a historical book. Coincidence, the book that she kept was something that Baek Dong-soo has been looking for. And as people could expected, Baek Dong-soo was fell in love with her. And he has to compete with his own friend, Yeo Un who also fell in love with Yoo Ji-seon. In any occasion, Baek Dong-soo always taking care of Yoo Ji-seon, and always care for her.

People must’ve been attracted with Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hyun-bin’s chemistry here, since Baek Dong-soo was the first one who show up his feeling, meanwhile Shin Hyun-bin was being as flat as she was in the first place. Moreover, the love triangle between them and Yeo Un also gained the attractiveness between them!

Here are the movie poster of Warrior Baek Dong-soo:

warrior baek dong soo

Here are some of romantic moments between Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hyun-bin in Warrior Baek Dong-soo:

warrior baek dong soo
warrior baek dong soo

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