All You Need to Know About APRIL’s Jinsol’s Transformations From Debut Until Now!


In 2018, Jinsol and her group’s member Naeun released a song as a subunit NaeunXJinsol. On February 1st, the subunit released a song titled “My Story.”

“My Story” is a rhythmical acoustic ballad with the clear voice of Naeun and Jinsol. The mixed feelings of sentimentality and sorrow were described with the unique sensibility of Naeun and Jinsol.

On March 12th, 2018, APRIL released their fifth EP The Blue. The album was released along with the title track “The Blue Bird.” “The Blue Bird” fits perfectly with the group’s past work, presenting an elegant pop melody at the expense of some of the closeness that characterizes their most addictive songs.

In 2018, the group made their Japanese debut on April 25th, with the release of the Japanese version of their 2016 single Tinkerbell. The single also contains the Japanese version of the b-side track “Yes, sir!” as well as the instrumental version of both songs. 

The single was promoted through TV show appearances and a series of fan-meetings in various cities in Japan.

On October 16th, 2018, April made a comeback with their sixth EP The Ruby. The album’s title track is “Oh! My Mistake.”

After changing the musical concepts in various ways since their debut, APRIL shifted from their image as a pure idol group, becoming confident women. 

Their sixth mini-album The Ruby is describing the feelings of sophisticated and confident women.


Its been a while since the last release of APRIL. On January 16th, 2019, April released the single “Oh-E-Oh” (Japanese ver.). 

In the same month, they also released “Magic Dream” for television drama My Strange Hero.

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