7 KPOP Female idols Plastic Surgery With Before After Photos (Hyerin, Namjoo, ETC)


APINK’s Nam-joo

Girl group members are the most exposed idols when things look different in their physical appearance, ranging from weight and facial shape changes that can be the most talked-about by netizens because they are suspected of having undergone plastic surgery, facial treatments or other cosmetic treatments to beautify their appearance.


APink’s Namjoo has also been a hot topic among female K-Pop idols because her face changes are considered very visible from her previous face shape. In April 2018, A-Pink’s Namjoo became a trending topic and hit the spotlight on social media because her appearance at the opening ceremony of the 2018 African Development Bank as a Brand Ambassador made people confused about the appearance of her new face.


The member of A-Pink, whose real name is Kim Nam-joo (), is thought to have undergone a plastic surgery procedure to beautify her nose. A-Pink’s Namjoo came to the event wearing a white dress and long hair flowing to cover part of her face. It’s obvious that the face of A-Pink’s Namjoo looks different from usual and people don’t recognize it.


“It looks like she has had a nose job but failed. That type of nose is not trendy,” commented one netizen. Other netizens said that A-Pink’s Namjoo had undergone surgery on the corners of her eyes as well. Most commented that A-Pink’s Namjoo’s face was very different from before.

“I have to look for her name to make sure she is the same person. I don’t think it’s just nose surgery, she has changed too much,” a netizen said. There are also netizens who commented, “It’s like they are recruiting new members… I think the old face was quite pretty… too bad.”


“Why, why did you do that! No matter how many operations you do, you won’t be like Son Naeun (one of A-Pink members)… now she looks even stranger,” commented other netizens. Some netizens have been convinced that A-Pink’s Namjoo really did plastic surgery. Meanwhile, A-Pink’s Namjoo’s agency declined to comment on the accusations of plastic surgery that have changed her true face.

“There is nothing we can say for this matter,” said Plan A Entertainment, A-Pink agency.


Most of the fans of A-Pink are quite satisfied with Plan A’s answer because they think it is entirely A-Pink’s Namjoo. “Why does that have to be a big problem? Even if Namjoo did plastic surgery it’s entirely her choice,” said a fan.


Another wrote, “I don’t believe Namjoo’s plastic surgery is becoming a national issue in South Korea right now. Yes, the issue is at the top of online search engines now. Don’t you netizens have anything else to do?”


“Her face is her right. She is free to do what she wants with it. She is beautiful regardless of choice. Did she ask for your opinions? Stop judging other people from their physical appearance,” revealed other fans.

Many commented that the plastic surgery that has been done by A-Pink’s Namjoo was a failure. At least the procedure can have a better influence on the visuals, but A-Pink’s Namjoo seemed unrecognizable to the public when appearing at the event.


After talks among netizens and no specific explanation from her agency regarding the sudden change in facial shape, A-Pink’s Namjoo remained confident by posting selcas after the news about the plastic surgery. In the photo, she winked one eye by showing the finger heart as her pose.

After posting her selca, A-Pink’s Namjoo was still seen flooded with comments by netizens. “Whether the operation is successful or not, she looks like someone else now,” said a netizen. “I think the topic about her plastic surgery will continue to follow her for life,” wrote another netizen. “What exactly did she do to her face…?” netizens were focused on A-Pink’s Namjoo.


In her latest appearance, A-Pink’s Namjoo looks more confident with her blonde hair and attracted the attention of the public again because of her spirit after she was deemed as a K-Pop female idol who had plastic surgery. What do you think about A-Pink’s Namjoo’s appearance now?

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