Let’s Find Out About 2NE1 CL’s Boyfriend and Her Relationship Between Sandara Park!


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Who is 2NE1’s CL’s Boyfriend?

CL’s prevalence is rising because parties admire CL’s amount on the platform. CL is involved in many rumors of relationships with other musicians. Some of these rumors claim CL has a particular relationship with British model Ash Stymest among others.

When it has to do with her relationships, the CL of 2NE1 has not been public. Unlike her idols who like show off their boyfriends, CL has been very silent. She has not come out to take or deny some of these Although she’s had several rumors related to the relationship. CL is rumored to be dating a designer.

CL 2NE1 With YangGang


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The rumors sparked when some netizens watched some similarities in CL’s Instagram post. Though it hasn’t yet been confirmed, the two are seen wearing the same clothes and accessories. Both are rumored to have met through an introduction by 2NE1’s planner YangGang.

CL 2NE1 With Mino WINNER


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Both then began seeing each other and fell in love. The two are occasioned on many occasions. An individual may say its coincidence, but this is too obvious. There are rumors that came out that 2NE1’s CL and Mino WINNER are current relationships.

When images of the two began popping up on websites, the speculations began. The pictures that appeared on October 21, 2015, show the two hanging out at a resort. However, the management of Winner and 2NE1, YG Entertainment, came out strongly to deny the rumors.


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In a statement, the management said it was laughable and ridiculous for folks to begin rumors. They cannot be true and said the photo which claimed both were dating was photoshopped. The statement must be dismissed and said there isn’t anyway.

Ash Stymest was in 2NE1’s 2014 music movie”GotId Be You” and is known to have maintained an ongoing friendship with CL, but many speculate they have been more than friends.

Some netizens are stating, “Maybe he is a huge fan and that’s why he’s that tattoo,” but a lot more guess that the two had dated in the past. International fans, who are the first to observe the development of CL and the version, are saying that this is the news, but it is hitting Korea just now.

Relationship Between 2NE1’s CL and Dara


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The friendships in 2NE1 have always been good Though it’s been disbanded. As an instance, Dara and CL support one another and take care of each other. Dara was encouraged by CL to her Christmas party, one afternoon.

When Dara arrived, CL warmly welcomed her and complimented Dara for wearing the fur coat she recommended to her. The two exchange fur coats were then suggested by CL because her black one matched with the outfit daily of Dara.

CL tried on the brown fur coat of Dara, but then realized it was a bit too tight. Frustrated at the tiny size, CL showed, “We all had to lose weight during the 2NE1 days because of Dara eonni. I’m uncertain how to look next.”


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Even the primary vocalist of 2NE1, Park Bom, says CL and Dara always took good care of her.” They are really nice to me. Dara and CL, they’re taking care of me very well,” she explained. The incident occurred while 2NE1 was in Japan.

In a terrifying set of circumstances, Sandara ended up getting stuck throughout the earthquake to the 34th floor of a hotel. She tried to reach someone and panicked. CL was the one who immediately sprung to action and picked up the phone. She told Dara to wait patiently and conducted up to catch Dara.


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It was shown as the earthquake was still fresh, that the whole building was shaking during this episode. Throughout the rescue, CL tried to stay calm for the sake of Sandara and put on a brave face. However, after she was able to make it up safely and bring Dara back down, CL confessed she was terrified.

She revealed her most intimate thoughts at the moment, sharing she”thought they would die”. When they have spare time, CL and Dara should have the time to meet and inform each other in their activities.