Full Compilation of 10 K-Pop Idols with the Best and Cutest Aegyo


#6 EXO’s Baekhyun

On the first season of Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder, there was a scene when EXO’s sub-unit, EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) went out to eat and Chen promised will give three slices of meat if they did Aegyo. Baekhyun did it right away, by saying “Then please give it to me too” in a cute way. Feeling satisfied, Chen gave three slices of meat to Baekhyun, and with his own consciousness, Baekhyun said that Xiumin hyung also had to try it, and gave Xiumin one slice of meat. Xiumin received it happily, while saying “Please give me ~.”


Although not the youngest member in the group, Baekhyun’s cuteness has often shown up in his behavior, making EXO members and fans alike anxious to see his Aegyo. However, even though in his personal life he often shows his cute side, when he’s on stage, his aura becomes very charismatic, and that’s part of his charm.

#7 Monsta X’s Jooheon

Being the main rapper of the group under Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X, Jooheon is famous for his extraordinary rap and strong charisma on the stage, giving him a lot of Aegyo.

His aura immediately becmes much different when he smiles. He has dimples and an eye smile that makes him adorable. On one episode of MBC’s program Weekly Idol in 2018,  the MCs asked the members to do aegyo one by one. When it was Jooheon’s turn, he did aegyo with cute sounds and gestures, and an adorable expression that made the MCs and all the other Monsta X members overload on the cuteness.



Jooheon has done aegyo for his fans on various occasions and at events. One of the things he often does is saying “Kku kku kka kka ~” with a cute voice and making a peace sign on his face.

#8 f(x)’s Krystal – Bbuing Bbuing

Two years after beginning her debut, the maknae of the girl-group f(x), which was under SM entertainment, joined the a sitcom series High Kick 3, She played Ahn Soo-jung, the younger sister of Ahn Jong-seok, (played by Lee Jong-suk). She was an exchange student in Los Angeles but suddenly had to stay home because of her father’s financial difficulty.

In this drama, Krystal frequently used her secret weapon, which was her “bbuing bbuing~” aegyo, to persuade her uncle to fulfill her wishes. Krystal’s aegyo from the drama went viral, and many people thought it was very cute.



On various TV shows in Korea, Krystal is often asked to show her aegyo, and there are many other idols and celebrities who also sometimes do Krystal’s typical aegyo when asked to do aegyo themselves.

#9 SNSD’s Sunny

One of the SNSD members who is famous for having a cute image is Sunny. She’s been doing aegyo on various Korean TV shows since her debut.

Sunny often acts cute, and was given the nickname ‘Aegyo calls for punch’, because her aegyo is considered too excessive and makes people who see her want to punch her. It can be seen on InvincibIe Youth episode 13, Sunny refers to ‘Aegyo calls’ for the punch and the reaction of the men who were there suggested they rather just finish the work than see her aegyo anymore.



Even though she’s famous for aegyo that makes people want to punch her, Sunny stays confident and keeps doing her aegyo with her own style.

In recent years, Sunny’s image has become less cute and more sexy. with increasing age as a mature woman, her sexy image naturally forms her current image.

#10 Park Ji-hoon – Jeojang

Ji-hoon has become famous through the well-known survival event in South Korea, Produce 101 season 2, where there were 101 participants who were trainees from various agencies competing for 11 seats to debut.

Thanks to this “Jeojang” aegyo, he’s been brought success and was very well known. Even after he debuted as part of Wanna One, he was still often asked to show off his flagship aegyo at various events.


Being one of the most iconic aegyos to date, even while still with Wanna One, all the members were asked to do Park Ji-hoon’s “jeojang” aegyo with their respective styles, and there were some idols who also did “jeojang” on various TV shows. Park Ji-hoon’s “jeojang” mainstay sentence was also included in a Wanna One song, entitled Wanna Be, and is a rap part done by Park Ji-hoon.

There are many other idols who have their own aegyo style, who show their aegyo to entertain and please their fans. Let’s continue to support them and always look forward to  more updates and good news from all of them!